strange OSX behaviour

I wanted to reorganize my “Drop your Download here”-Drive today… but I was unable to move some of the folders. And I figured out why: You know that “last visited”-Feature of the generic OSX “Open file”-dialog. So here’s one:

As you can see, there’s the “multiplicity” folder. But who would expect that OSX will defend this folder with everything it has. Because when I try to move the folder I get the “indentify” dialog.

No problem. But when I authenticate myself it fails anyway…. So I am unable to move or delete that particulat folder. ;-(

2 thoughts on “strange OSX behaviour

  1. Lools like you’re trying to modify Finder itself and not the directory by accident. If you’re logged in as a standard user you don’t have the rights to do that.

  2. actually I am not trying to modify the finder – not on purpose anyway. – I am just moving that folder to another place… no program is using the folder or has a handle on a file inside that particular folder. It’s just that the finder has this directory in it’s “last visited” list…

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