whip and route

This is Atze. He wants to show us what makes him somewhat horny. Its…

…a 12 connector “whip” for a chipcom 96 port switch. *Rawr* Doesn’t that sound hot?

This is the monster chipcom. You can estimate how old this thing is if you can read the inventory-number… its…#1

the official team logo…

Why did they play with the chipcom? Because on Saturday we will show this antique piece of technology to the public… the guys played about an hour to get the switches twinkle like it’s their last thing before they are dumped in the junk press… ;)

vacuum inferno

Damn. Am I to normal? I do not understand why the hell somebody would need something like this:

Think of a house. With many many tubes… and in the cellar … a hughe vacuum cleaner. You don’t have to carry the vacuum cleaner arround the house…just plug in and do the job. You get the idea.

Source 1: http://www.staubsaugeranlage.de
Source 2: Staubsaugeranlage

so you were pissed by HTML Mails?… We got something new for ya

Ink it baby! As more and more people are using tablet pcs it’s going to get really really – oh well – confusing.

I personally really like the idea of handwritten notes on webpages or especially like in this case in a web forum. BUT only if the information of the handwritten text is also available as machine readable, not to say searchable text. Because the tablet pc incorporates a really great handwriting recognition it wouldn’t be that hard to get that done…

And now take a look at Channel9. They lately added the Ink-Feature to their forum. And it looks great.

Source: http://channel9.msdn.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=57600

3D graphics on a Pocket PC… a technology demo

“I wrote a demo app, really intended for my own interest to see just how good the hardware 3D graphics is on the x50v. I’ve shown it to a few folks internally, and had requests to grab the app, so I thought I’d throw it out there (no source currently, maybe to follow). It’s basically a technology demo that enables you to rotate a protein cartoon in real time, but I’d like to develop it further (hence the ambitious name for the app). This is the first OpenGL program I’ve written, so be lenient. Remember that this app is only for the Dell Axim x50v.”

Source: http://pocketpdb.sdsc.edu/