12 thoughts on “where are the errors here

  1. The mistake is that ASP.NET hasn’t any goals. This is so important it weights many times.

  2. okay. I’m sorry to tell you that this is not the correct answer. Try again dude! ;)

  3. I’ll give it a shot: reducing somethig by 3/2ds … wouldn’t that result in a negative number of codelines?

  4. hmm… you’ve successfully found the first error…go on..there are more of them ;)

  5. “The world’s slowest web application server” couldn’t be right, because JSP is even slower.

  6. Hmm … there are no features in ASP.NET?
    And (of course) the “‘” in “world’s” is wrong!

  7. yeah you’re close to have them all ;)

    A colleague did this presentation in front of IT-Pro’s and nobody interrupted him on the obviously false informations…

  8. So all that’s left for us to do is find a platform harder to manage? … C’mon guys: THINK!!

  9. These aren’t “goals” – that’s the status quo. Ok – JSP is really slower as already stated above.

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