Xyle scope CSS Analyse- and Authoring

There are not many great CSS Editors. But there seems to be a new one that is really cool. Xyle scope. Because I will need a good CSS Authoring Tool in the near future this is quite helpful.

“Einer der Gründe, warum ich Websites teilweise auf Firefox entwickele, ist der Live-CSS-Editor der Web Developer Toolbar. Ein geniales Ding, wenn auch ziemlich hässlich und manchmal ein bisschen buggy. Xyle Scope ist gewissermaßen die extrem aufgebohrte, native OS X-Variante dieser Grundidee.

Xyle ist jedoch keine Safari-Erweiterung, sondern eine Standalone-Applikation, die auf dem Apple WebKit basiert und Seiten somit genauso rendert wie Safari. Hinzu kommt jedoch eine Seitenleiste, in der man sich allerlei CSS- und HTML-Strukturen anzeigen lassen kann. Dabei ist es egal, wo sich die Seite befindet, ob auf dem eigenen Rechner oder irgendwo im Web.”

Source 1: http://www.praegnanz.de/weblog/598/xyle-scope-daumen-hoch
Source 2: http://www.culturedcode.com/xyle/

4 thoughts on “Xyle scope CSS Analyse- and Authoring

  1. *cough*CSS 2 support lacking in IE7*cough*
    Interesting tool, but definately only vor CSS savvy users, IMO.
    *cough*CSS 2 support lacking in IE7*cough*

  2. hmm… CSS2 …

    “It is true that a cultural shift toward web-based applications terrifies Microsoft but providing CSS2 support doesn’t make that much difference IMHO. Lack of decent CSS hasn’t prevented Google from producing some killer apps already. These depend mainly on scripting and use of the HTTPRequest object. Those technologies are now starting to mature. CSS2 is icing on the cake so to speak.”

  3. You really don’t believe this bullshit, do you?! No – I won’t even start to discuss this with you, since you obviuosly have to quote some clueless guy.
    Try asking any webdesigner (and I *real* webdesigners) of your choice if he would like full CSS 2 support in any browser or thinks it is just “icing on the cake”.

    Google was able to create Google Maps and other stuff ALTHOUGH IE has no CSS2 support – try imagining the stuff they could do when all the features of CSS 2 (or even CSS 3) would be available.

  4. uhh… Bullshit… you really have a problem with the opinions of others…

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