Forza Motorsport for the XBOX

In only a few days you can buy the most realistic and fantastic looking racing simulation for your XBOX. It’s called Forza Motorsport and is there to beat Gran Turismo 4.
I had the chance to play a little bit with it…and it’s insanely great! More than 50 cars. Dozens of tracks. And a realistic driving model I never experienced before.

Here are some ingame screenshots to tease you for the 3rd May:

I strongly recommend buying this game!

Source: Forza Motorsport

3 thoughts on “Forza Motorsport for the XBOX

  1. Played the demo from the Jade Empire Limited Edition. Didn’t convince me at all (as a player of Gran Turismo 4). Car-models aren’t as good as they could be (see GT4 for how it is done) and the overall feel of driving seems clunky to me.

    I’ll wait for some reviews, maybe it’s just a bad demo.

  2. hmmm… I played the final version of Forza Motorsport but never the Demo. And compared to GT4, which I played only a few hours, the FM driving model feels more realistic. – You say clunky: Did you turn of the driving aids (ESC,ABS,…) … because these little helpers make the clunky feeling – because it’s their task to keep you on the track…. that’s maybe why you have that clunky feeling.

    Infact I have the feeling that the car is simulated with much more detail. For example the temperatures of the engine and tyres. The tyres wear out… and so on… And there is a quite good damage model for such a simulation.

    Not to mention the quite good graphics. But there are some bad things about FM compared to GT4… for example the engine sound… I want GT4 engine sound… or something different to that what FM gives by default.

  3. Habe heute auch mal die Finale Version angespielt und bin positiv überrascht nach dem ich die Demo nach 5 Minuten wieder ausgemacht habe (sie war absolut schlecht). Aber dann steht dem kauf des fertigen Spieles nix mehr im Wege.

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