multeem Subversion access

Namenlos configured the Subversion server for anonymous acces. So you can now access the current development builds of multeem. Multeem is a project whose goal it is to reinvent the Instant Messaging world. Okay okay. That’s a bit to much marketing blah. I wrote about the goals and plan behind multeem some days ago. Just read this ;)

You can access the subversion server at Use the username “anonymous” and an empty password.

There are two ways to build multeem:

1. Visual Studio 2003

There’s a Visual Studio 2003 solution included. Just create a working copy from the SVN and open the multeem.sln in /multeem in Visual Studio. The solution should compile now. And you should be able to debug/run multeem.

2. Mono

We’ve included SConstruct files for the Scons Build-Tool. Just install Scons and Mono and build it ;)

We will release binaries and tarballs every now and then here on schrankmonster. So far we do not plan to maintain a dedicated website for multeem.

Source 1: multeem Mission Statement
Source 2: Scons: A software construction tool
Source 3: Microsoft Visual Studio
Source 4: Mono

did you ever search a font? WhatTheFont?!!!

Did you ever search a font? I am searching the correct font several times a week. It’s everytime like this: I’ve got a picture with text in it. And I would like to add some more text to the picture. But this is impossible if you don’t know which font was used in the picture. Then I start the fontbook and compare the font in the picture to my fonts on the computer…this takes time… And now I found the solution for this time problem. It’s called “WhatTheFont?!“. You throw a picture into this search engine and you get font samples and names that are close to your reference font. Priceless!


Shuttle XP17 TFT Displays

Today three of the six ordered Shuttle XP17 TFT Displays arrived. And to be honest: I was not expecting such a high quality. Okay these displays are not really cheap (approx. 540 Euro) but a high price is usually no guarantee for quality.

When you turn the monitor stand you can “pivot” the display…

developing multeem and a display closeup

As you can see the quality is really impressive. There’s tempered glass in front of the TFT – possibly to increase the contrast. Another great thing is that the displays viewing angle is quite big. Normally you don’t get any contrast or color changes from any viewing angle.
The display has DVI and VGA input and an external power supply. It’s quite heavy for a 17 inch display but it looks like it’s unbreakable.


the way forza is meant to be played…

It would be great if this special build of Forza Motorsport would be available publicy…but unfortunatly it isn’t. Anyway this is the setup I would like to play in the future.

“The above photo shows you the proper way to experience Forza. Yea, those are all DLP screens…with the racing wheel. This is being played on a private build of the game that supports multiple screens. It’a a great way to experience one of the best racing games to come to Xbox.”

Source: Major Nelson