multeem Subversion access

Namenlos configured the Subversion server for anonymous acces. So you can now access the current development builds of multeem. Multeem is a project whose goal it is to reinvent the Instant Messaging world. Okay okay. That’s a bit to much marketing blah. I wrote about the goals and plan behind multeem some days ago. Just read this ;)

You can access the subversion server at Use the username “anonymous” and an empty password.

There are two ways to build multeem:

1. Visual Studio 2003

There’s a Visual Studio 2003 solution included. Just create a working copy from the SVN and open the multeem.sln in /multeem in Visual Studio. The solution should compile now. And you should be able to debug/run multeem.

2. Mono

We’ve included SConstruct files for the Scons Build-Tool. Just install Scons and Mono and build it ;)

We will release binaries and tarballs every now and then here on schrankmonster. So far we do not plan to maintain a dedicated website for multeem.

Source 1: multeem Mission Statement
Source 2: Scons: A software construction tool
Source 3: Microsoft Visual Studio
Source 4: Mono