playing with the SONY HDR-FX1E

FeM e.V. bought one Sony HDR-FX1E. Beside the amazing specification that camera has it’s really fun to play with these … I don’t want to call them gadget … with these cameras. B-)

And some juicy facts:

“3 x 1/3in CCD with 1.12 Mpixels (1.07 Mpixels effective); HDV 1,080i recording (1,440 x 1,080 at 50 interlaced fields per second); DV recording; 16:9 DV recording; 16-bit and 12-bit PCM audio recording; f/1.6-2.8 lens with 12x optical zoom (4.5 – 54 mm, 35 mm equivalent 32.5 – 390 mm); optical image stabiliser and full-range autofocus; DV in/out; HDV in/out; S-video in/out; composite AV in/out; component A/V in/out; lens filter diameter, 72mm; 0.3in/252,000-pixel colour LCD viewfinder with dioptre adjuster; 3.5in/251,000-pixel colour LCD fully adjustable view panel.”

Source: Review of Sony HDR-FX1E