what would happen if someone hacks DCF77 time signal?

Some days ago we talked about: What would happen if someone hacks the DCF77 time signal?

If you don’t know what the DCF77 signal is, read the small description here.

Anyway: Many things are automated these days when it comes to time dependant actions. For example working time registration, backups, cash terminals just to name a few.
These services all depend on the assumption that they all have the correct time… Normally they get their standard-time from the internet or by radio (the mentioned dcf77).

In the first case I think many things will go wrong when the dcf77 time signal is manipulated… backups could be overwritten (tape overwrite protection expired…) … money wouldn’t be counted as disbursed … maybe things would just fail.

Anyway: Normally none of these speculations should be possible…but you never know…

The most interesting use of such a time manipulation is:

Almost every morning I am unable to get a parking lot for my car at the university. I would wonder if some would continue to sleep if the dcf77 time is set one or two hours behind…

Sounds not a that bad idea, doesn’t it?

We’ll see when it maybe just happens sometime.


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