You provide the light saber. I’ll provide the wireless LAN.

This evening the grey sky of Ilmenau was illuminated by something similar to Yodas green light saber. Actually it IS a laser of unknown power which seems to be used to “draw a straight line” above the roofs of the sleepy Ilmenau citizens.

Fortunately this is just a picture to show you what the laser should look like close-by.

And now cheer for the great pictures that where taken this night. They show the impressive skyline of Ilmenau and the even more impressive light saber by night.

Stay tuned for more light saber action…

Source 1: something about Yoda
Source 2: Wikipedia Laser

3 thoughts on “You provide the light saber. I’ll provide the wireless LAN.

  1. Dieser Ausblick auf die “impressive skyline of ilmenau” kommt mir sehr bekannt vor…

  2. i like it. gotta say i like the idea. its progressive , its mind provoking, tho youd get busted here in minutes time after tryin to pull that stuff.

    greetings from the concentration camp croatia

    hey/.. not gonna make another political speech in here tho if we gonna impact the society we have to learn stuff that means technology too and use it to fight the robots yo.


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