Student Technology Conference 2005:

The 2nd Student Technology Conference starts tomorrow morning in Kassel. For two days students are invited to discuss interesting and new technologies from Microsoft. There will be several Workshops and a Fun-Part.

As a special highlight the national finals of the Imagine Cup 2005 will be held parallel to the talks.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it. So there it’s going to take place: Kongress Palais Kassel:

From Ilmenau it’s approximately a 2 hour trip. So more fun to come ;)

Here is the final agenda (on the website it’s not up-to-date):

Wednesday, 18.05.2005:

Thursday, 19.05.2005:

Source: STC 2005 Homepage

ISWI 05 is near – only 3 days to go

Only 3 days to go: From 20th to 29th May 2005 the Ilmenau Campus will be the place to be. It’s ISWI time. Under the slogan “one world one vision” participants from all-over the world come together to discus, act and get to know each other.

The ISWI team describes it better:

“The abbreviation ISWI stands for International Student Week in Ilmenau. The festival is open for students of all faculties from all over the world. With approximately 300 participants it is the largest international student festival in Germany. The aim of ISWI is to overcome global differences through personal contacts and mutual understanding. ISWI 2005 should be a meeting platform for young people from different culture areas to get to know each other and discuss their points of view. This further fosters tolerance and understanding of others.”

There’s a quite packed schedule for the participants.

Of course there will be a lot of live and ondemand coverage from the ISWI 05. The daily ISWISION-Live-Show will be the fixed-must-see event of every ISWI-evening.

ISWISION is all about televised media coverage of the International Student Week in Ilmenau (or ISWI). Every two years about 300 participants from all over the world come to Ilmenau for one week to celebrate the largest international student festival in Germany. This event is covered by a group of about 100 students of the Technical University of Ilmenau in form of a daily television show. Most of the people working for this project are members of ISTUFF, the local campus television channel.
The show is produced live and in english every day from 8:00 pm in the University Canteen and there is plenty of public seating – so drop in and take part!”

I likely will have access to the ISWI media server. So expect some articles these days.

Source 1: ISWI Homepage
Source 2: ISWI participants schedule
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E3 Xbox 360 press conference, Shrine Auditorium/LA

Here are my impressions in short:

  • international commercial slogans everywhere in the auditorium (“…immer besser. Du…”)
  • they seem to have bandwith problems: the stream is rebuffering all the time. (i’ve got 100Mbit broadband)
  • “Due to the proprietary information in the following content, the video and audio portion of this broadcast will be temporarily suspended. Normal program will resume in a few moments.”
  • more than 2 million Xbox live subscribers up to next month
  • Xbox 360 will play the most popular Xbox games (does that mean emulation of the first-gen Xbox?)

    • UPDATE: YES. It’s backward compatible!

  • XBOX 360 will launch in Japan, North America, Europe at the same time
  • Xbox live will have minigames built-in (Card games…)
  • Dead or Alive 4: exclusive for Xbox 360
  • Xbox live as a media platform: Voicechat, Marketplace, Media
  • I’m a “BeatBuilder”-Customer
  • iPOD compatability? Xbox 360 will be compatible with competitors mobile media players
  • Xbox 360 as a media amplifier: HD TV, msn music store, your music…, Media Center integration.
  • Stay connected: the Xbox live and Media Interface is accessible even when you play. Just hit the center button of your controller

Damn. Why aren’t they showing the cool fun-video with SteveB and BillG for everyone? It’s not in the stream. It’s just there live on stage.

  • J Allard talks about “knocking customers out of socks”…hmkay…want my three-sixty NOW!
  • Lost Odysee looks really really gerat… created by the creator of Final Fantasy
  • every game will be minimum 720p
  • “every Xbox 360 will be designed to enable HD…” – does that mean there’s going to be several versions of the Xbox 360?
  • Project Gotham Racing 3:

    • Spectator Mode will enable to watch races via Xbox live
    • If that engine sounds are in the game… whooo ;)
    • “Life begins at 170”
    • “Million Dollar Price” Race Competition

  • Tom Clancys Ghost Recon 3

    • realistic environments

  • NBA 2k6
  • Call of Duty 2
  • Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

    • full featured RPG
    • nextgen AI: eats, sleeps, reacts, acts.
    • fantastic graphics

  • Gears of War

    • first Unreal Engine 3 game
    • 1st Person Shooter
    • seems that the pictures we’ve seen of unreal engine 3 so far where from GoW
    • available Emergence Dasy 2006

  • EA launch lineup

    • more than 25 EA titles in development for Xbox 360
    • 5 launch titles

      • NFS: Most Wanted
      • The Godfather
      • FIFA Soccer 06
      • NBA Live 06
      • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06
      • Madden NFL 06

  • newest partner: SQUARE ENIX

    • FINAL FANTASY XI ONLINE for the Xbox 360 – this rocks
    • Square will bring more to Xbox 360 and Xbox live
    • personalisation of the game
    • realtime rendered Movie… and it looks really really great

  • Some more ingame movies from:

    • Quake 4
    • Cameo
    • Test Drive Unlimited
    • The Darkness
    • Green Atherton (racing)
    • Frame City Killer
    • Top Spin 2
    • Dead Rising (working title)
    • Condemned Criminal
    • Full Auto
    • The Outfit
    • Perfect Dark Zero
    • Ninety Nine Nights

fun with dotMSN: A.L.I.C.E. bot

Since we use dotMSN for multeem it’s fun to play with this great library. It’s not only me wondering why Microsoft did not release that kind of library.

“I’ve had a “bot” online for a over a year now with their originial implementation.

Add to your MSN list.
Have a conversation with her, she is plugged into:

She changes her display name automatically, from previous names that anyone can change. Supports display pictures (now that the new version of the DotMSN Lib supports it).

She has many other “eggs”….”

Source 1:

Source 2: multeem
Source 3: Randomize

an operating system in C#

I wrote on several occasions that Microsoft Resarch rocks. And it’s time to write it again. I just found out that the guys from MSR are implementing a research operating system in C#. It’s called Singularity.

Singularity is a research project focused on the construction of dependable systems through innovation in the areas of systems, languages, and tools. We are building a research operating system prototype (called Singularity), extending programming languages, and developing new techniques and tools for specifying and verifying program behavior.”

Source 1:
Source 2:
Source 3:

Free Pascal 2 released

“Free Pascal (aka FPK Pascal) is a 32 and 64 bit professional Pascal compiler. It is available for different processors: Intel x86, Amd64/x86 64, PowerPC, Sparc. The discontinued 1.0 version also supports the Motorola 680×0. The following operating systems are supported: Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X/Darwin, Mac OS classic, DOS, Win32, OS/2, Netware (libc and classic) and MorphOS.”