R2D2 Show Off

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Diego, a friend from Pisa just gave me a link to an article about his R2D2… Looks really awesome. I guess the return of the Jedi or even the Sith is not too far away anymore… I look forward to see it in action. Or even better, maybe I can write some code for it…

May the force be with you!

Link: http://www.repubblica.it/copertine/scienza_e_tecnologia/copertina.htm

STC 2005: software cells – a new approach in software architecture

Ralf Westphal talked about his new approach in software architecture. It’s easier to understand and more intuitive than every other software architecture technology (UML,…) – And that’s not only because you don’t have to use different notation for complex and simple problems. Take a look at Ralfs Weblog. He wrote six articles so far about his software cells.

“Each application for me thus is a software cell. The exact form does not really matter. A triangle is just the simplest 2D shape; so if you like, use squares, octagons or whatever you like to depict the outline of your application, to give it a surface other software cells can connect to. You can even go 3D: use a tetraeder or cube. Each edge or surface, though, should connect only two software cells/applications.”

Software Cell

Source: Ralf Westphals weblog

STC 2005 Keynote

Anne Luck started the show with some organizational issues followed by Dr. Said Zahedani (Director Developer Platform and Strategy Group).

Anne Luck

Dr. Said Zahedani

Dr. Said Zahedani talked about the wave of development – the way Microsoft is going to be in the future years.

Bernd Marquardt

Bernd Marquardt talked about the history of the PC and how we got where we are when it comes to Computing.