STC 2005: software cells – a new approach in software architecture

Ralf Westphal talked about his new approach in software architecture. It’s easier to understand and more intuitive than every other software architecture technology (UML,…) – And that’s not only because you don’t have to use different notation for complex and simple problems. Take a look at Ralfs Weblog. He wrote six articles so far about his software cells.

“Each application for me thus is a software cell. The exact form does not really matter. A triangle is just the simplest 2D shape; so if you like, use squares, octagons or whatever you like to depict the outline of your application, to give it a surface other software cells can connect to. You can even go 3D: use a tetraeder or cube. Each edge or surface, though, should connect only two software cells/applications.”

Software Cell

Source: Ralf Westphals weblog