video cutting for iswision

Because namenlos is managing the media storage array we had to visit the video cutting room. There were some teams cutting their videos and I was impressed by the number of G5s available there…

Namenlos dealing with problems, well…nothing more to say ;)

count them!


You can watch the ISWISION broadcasts via live-stream or even better: Live at in the audience in MKR 102.

3 thoughts on “video cutting for iswision

  1. Die muss es mal im Sonderangebot gegeben haben. Schon erstaunlich, wo dann plötzlich Geld da ist…

  2. what did you expected? the G5 still in de Medienzentrum?
    looks like RZ. the stream on iswision doesn’t work – could nor found mms protocol. hmm …

    today, apple shares rise. ;-)

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