finally after nights of hax0ring: Magneto on the MDA2

my MDA2s Bootloader is/was unfortunately locked – which simply means that you cannot update/flash it. However I managed to get my offical dogfood-Magneto Release Candidate Image up on my device WITHOUT even touching the bootloader. It boot, it runs. And it works completely: except the all known “lost RAM” issue.

This issue is solved in the RTM Image which hopefully will successfully flash onto my device…until that. Enjoy the screenshot of my device:

Dogfood Magneto Release Candidate

3 thoughts on “finally after nights of hax0ring: Magneto on the MDA2

  1. uhh.. ;) unfortunately I used methods that are legal in my country – but maybe not in yours. So I wouldn’t make them publicy available to this date…. but stay tuned. I will talk about it soon on this website.

  2. hey Daniel,
    I told you, that i’ll do it for you….
    you know, what I mean… ;o)


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