operations center! we got a power problem…

It’s raining since hours…and I mean raining…So it finally happened: A blackout.
If you take a look at the power uplink you can guess what’s wrong here ;) – The connector was quite hot…and the water made the remainder….

After some minutes the blackout problem was solved and the work on…whatever we worked on could continue… B-)

providing network connections…

We have 8 machines in our village connected to our HP2524 network switch… – but after two days there are 14 cables plugged into the switch…these cables go to some other tents around us.

we proudly present: Food and a HP2524

It turned out that there where not enough uplink ports for everyone at the next so called “Datenklo”…

…everyone just puts it’s network cable into it…and once the hour a member of the technical staff connects the new cable to one of the switches inside the “Datenklo”…

the last phrack magazine issue…I got one

w00t! ;) Okay okay… So finally there’s something to put into a picture frame and on the wall….

For those who don’t know what the phrack magazine is…just visit their website and start reading with the 1st Edition from November 17, 1985… You see: It’s a quite old magazine… – and this number 63 will be the last issue. Sad but true.

Source: www.phrack.org

first article from the What The Hack

It took two days to get some time to post the first article… so take it as a statement directly from the Netherlands:

Since I just installed Windows Vista Beta 1 on my notebook I am not able to create some panoramic views (I shot severals so far…) so you probably will have to wait till I get my favourite panoramic-view-creation-app running…

Industrial and strong melodies? – misnomer

I just made a great music discovery: misnormer. This band is listed under the industrial category of the common free music portals – but in my opinion it’s not really industrial…it’s softer…it’s more melodic…

Misnormer calls itself “one of the UK’s biggest independent bands” and it’s possibly right. Misnormer makes definitly some of the finest tracks in their genre…

Because misnormer is an independent band they depend on the support from their fans. And that’s why you should go and support them by buying their music here.

So! Go, download, buy and spread the word!

Source 1: http://www.misnomer.co.uk/
Source 2: LiveJournal
Source 3: MySpace
Source 4: Buy their music
Source 5: Download their music

Tiger Bug? Why can’t I minimize?

From time to time some of my applications on Mac OSX Tiger tend to loose some functionality. The most frequent bug is that I cannot minimize a window to the dock. It’s not only that the window does not response. The orange minimize button at the upper left of the window is ghosted…

For your understanding: This is what it should look like.

and this is what it look like:

Uhm… weird!

my pre-final What The Hack schedule

Here we go:

28. July

  • 1100-1200 Openeing and Keynote adress (Tent 2)
    • Emmanuel Goldstein, Rop Gongrijp
  • 1400-1500 Reverse Engineering Microsoft .NET (Tent 1)
    • Hannes Pavelka
  • 1500-1600 Using linux for embedded devices: Introduction to uCLinux (Tent 1)
    • Jean-Michel Friedt
  • 1600-1700 Symbian Security (Tent 2)
    • Job de Haas
  • 2000-2100 Cross Site Scripting Scanning (Tent 1)
    • Sven Neuhaus
  • 2200-2300 dyne ~ freaknet software foundry software for the freedom of speech (Tent 3)
    • xant, Antonino Radici, Alpt, Silvano Galliani, godog, Bobby Newmark

29. July

  • 1000-1100 Search engine internal processes (Tent 2)
    • Greg Newby
  • 1000-1100 What the hacker community? (Tent 4)
    • Yuwei Lin
  • 1300-1400 Having Fun With Honeyd (Tent 2)
    • Niels Provos
  • 1500-1600 Monitoring Internet Background Radiation (Tent 1)
    • Hendrik Scholz
  • 1600-1700 The Pentabarf conference planning software (Tent 3)
    • Tim Pritlove, Sven Klemm
  • 1700-1800 Bluetooth Security – News From The Front (Tent 2)
    • Martin Herfurt

30. July

  • 1100-1200 Reverse engineering and unlocking an XDA (Tent 1)
    • Job de Haas
  • 1200-1300 Exploiting PocketPC (Tent 1)
    • Collin Mulliner
  • Spoofing fingerprints in 10 minutes (Tent 2)
    • Ton van der Putte
  • Hashing the Longhorn (Tent 2)
    • Rüdiger Weis

31. July

  • 1100-1200 Jabber (Tent 1)
    • Florian Holzhauer
  • 1200-1300 SchilliX – The first OpenSolaris distribution (Tent 1)
    • Tobias Kirschstein
  • 1400-1500 Database Compression Between RAM and CPU Cache: Hacking the Memory Hierarchy (Tent 1)
    • Sandor Heman
  • 1700-1800 Closing Session (Tent 2)

And there are some scheduled or semi-scheduled meetings. If you would like to contact me you’ll probably find me at the FeM Village between the talks and of course by eMail.

What Stardock does on Windows Vista and how XAML and Avalon is involved…

Everyone should have heard about the official name of the upcoming Windows version: Windows Vista. And if you’re a frequent reader of this website you probably know about Stardock – a company which makes some really cool applications to ensure my personal productivity. But this article is not about the old apps it’s about the new ones.

And there are some really interesting apps coming up the next weeks especially for the Windows Vista Beta 1 which is going to be released on the first days of august.

“Windows Vista may be the most extensible version of Windows yet. With its rich new set of APIs that allow users to create unique applications quickly and that the interface has been moved away from GDI (the old drawing method) to a whole presentation system that makes use of 3D hardware acceleration, developers will be able to make Longhorn shine very so brightly.

Stardock’s goal on Windows Vista will be much the same as it was on Windows XP — to enhance and expand the feature set of the OS. The difference this time is that Microsoft is giving us a lot more tools to play with.”

“In Windows Vista, our goal will be have DesktopX generate XAML code and hence, on a Avalon-enabled system to make use of everything Avalon has to offer.”

“We hope to make DesktopX one of the premiere Avalon/XAML authoring environments.”

“We are also working in conjunction with TweakXP on a program called TweakVista. TweakVista will let Windows Vista users tweak the heck out of their new OS.”

So as you can see: Really cool things are going on for us desktop modding fans. And I am sure that some eyecandy always is good. My opinion is that eyecandy often raises the productivity more than you would expect…just try it.

Source: Stardock & Windows Vista

Source: TweakVista

louder! Finally I’ve got some Headphones…Sennheiser HD 457

I needed headphones – so I went to the next tech-dealer and tried some of the available headphones. After some trying I came to the conclusion that more than 50 Euros would be to much for such a headphone. Especially that I simply could not determine the difference between some 40 Euro and some 140 Euro headphones… infact I decided to buy the Sennheiser HD 457.

measurements by HeadRoom

To come to a conclusion: I can recommend to buy those headphones if you don’t want to pay more than 50 Euro. They sound warm and clear – better than I expected from low-budget headphones. If money doesn’t matter, go and get a… I don’t know ;) Maybe the guys from reply2all can tell us what to buy when money does not matter.

Source 1: HeadRoom Headphone Test
Source 2: Sennheiser HD 457

solving data storage problems or: How long can 3.5 Terabyte last?

So there it is: It was finally decided that the existing storage should be extended. And after some discussions it came clear that it would be an iSCSI solution. It was also clear that 1.3 Terabyte would not be enough if we would not extend the storage again in a few months.

So we went out to gather some offers. There was EMC² and LSI and Promise and Easyraid…

But after two very disappointing offers from EMC² we came to the conclusion to give Promise a shot. Promise lately announced their brand new SATA 3Gb/s appliances and that’s what we are going to order tomorrow:

Looks neat, doesn’t it? And we will fill it with 15×250 Gigabyte HDs which would make a capacity of 3750 Gigabytes… Of course that’s not the capacity that would be available finally. But it’s surely fun to play with such storage spaces … even more it’ll be fun to play with iSCSI. This will be the first appliance with iSCSI for me and I am looking forward how good or bad this rather new technology would be.

So folks. More information on this when the “gadget” arrives.

Source: Promise VTrak M500i

File the Tickets

Building my memex, I decided to file all my cinema tickets I collected over the last decade in a digital archive.

How to file those memories? It should be possible to index the datas but also it should be possible to have a look at the ticket. So all (~140) tickets are stored in one huge file. At least it is possible to extend the file when new tickets are available…

[1] http://blog.aheil.de/CategoryView,category,Memex.aspx

My memex

With respect to the idea of Vannevar Bush’s Memex [1] and Microsoft Research’s MyLifeBits Project, today I started to digitize all important papers from the last years. The first step was throwing away all nonrelevant stuff. So it is now only half of the amount of paper to scan. I think one of tho gratest challange will be the organisation of the data later on.

So the first steps to build my personal memex are:

  • scanning all major documents (letters, contracts, validations etc.)

  • digitizing the documents

  • indexing the content

[1] http://www.cs.unibo.it/~cianca/wwwpages/dd/bush.pdf
[2] http://research.microsoft.com/barc/MediaPresence/MyLifeBits.aspx

want to meet at the What The Hack?

After some internal discussions a small delegation of VJs, some DJs, some computer hardcore nerds, some wireless experts, some Microsoft fanatics and some UNIX geeks will be sent to this years What The Hack conference/event…but what’s it anyway?

What The Hack is an outdoor hacker conference/event taking place on a large event-campground in the south of The Netherlands from 28 until 31 July 2005.”

I just organized a Mercedes Sprinter transporter and VW Passat to get all our stuff to the Netherlands and back. It’s planned to start early on the 28th of July.

We won’t come empty-handed! This is what we’ll probably bring:

  • Tables, banks, chairs
  • video projector and screen
  • probably lots of computers
  • networking equipment
    • probably one Cisco Catalyst 3500 (no, not for any Cisco-throwing contest!)
    • a Linksys WRT54G OpenWRT-enabled
  • some Sony DV-cameras
  • some microphones
  • a 12V-powered cooling box
  • a Cafetiere (to make espresso)
  • hopefully enough DECT-phones
  • at least a small PA (home hifi?)
  • a good attitude, (german) humor etc. ;)

Of course you can expect a number of articles on this website straight from the conference.

Anyway. If you want to contact or meet me at the What The Hack just write a comment or an eMail or use one of the DECT phone numbers at the conference:

“You can reach some of the FeM-team by calling our toll-free service number: FEM1 (3361) through FEM5 (3365). A DECT-phone is required (on your side), though.”

Or you just come to the FeM Village where I can be found when I am not in any talk.

Source: http://www.whatthehack.org
Source: our wiki

Source: FeM Village

at august 1st there’s something going to happen to theSpoke

At august the 1st the brand new TheSpoke (theSpoke2 actually) will launch. Until then there’s a lot to do and bugfix. But it’s going to be a great thing.

I am working since months in the Advisory Board for the new version of theSpoke. And we hope that we did a good job.

So check the new site (currently in beta-mode) out:

Source: http://www.thespoke2.net

There it is: the official Visual Studio 2005 Pricings and Edition Informations are available

Now there it is. An overview of what editions the upcoming Visual Studio 2005 will consist of. Because the Team System is the most interesting part I’ve included the most information about that:

Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite

Productive, integrated, and extensible software lifecycle management tools — A bundle of Visual Studio Team Architect Edition, Visual Studio Team Developer Edition, and Visual Studio Team Test Edition.

  • Integrated Web services modeling tools that will enable you to design for operations
  • Code quality and performance tools for building mission-critical applications
  • Load testing tools for helping meet the rigorous performance demands of enterprise-class applications
    Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Architects

    Integrated application design tools for service-oriented development — Visual designers that enable architects, operations managers, and developers to design service-oriented solutions that can be validated against their operational environments.

    • Web services application design tools for visualizing service-oriented architectures
    • Logical infrastructure design tools for visualizing network infrastructure
    • Deployment design tools that validate that applications will work in the prescribed network infrastructure
      Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Developers

      Code quality and performance tools — Advanced development tools that enable teams to build reliable, mission-critical services and applications.

      • Integrated unit test and code coverage tools for ensuring the quality of applications
      • Code profiling tools for ensuring the best possible performance of applications
      • Static code analyzers to diagnose critical security and performance errors before they creep into production
      Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Testers

      Integrated load testing tools for Web applications and services — Advanced load testing tools that enable teams to verify the performance of applications prior to deployment.

      • Web test authoring tools for quickly authoring load test scripts
      • Load testing tools for authoring and executing distributed load tests
      • Integrated tools for sharing load test results with other members of the team
      Visual Studio 2005 Team Test Load Agent

      Supplemental test load for use with Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Testers that enables organizations to simulate more users and more accurately test the performance of the Web applications and servers.

      • Purchase one license per processor used to generate load on a Web farm
      • Simulate approximately 1,000 users per processor
      Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server

      Team collaboration server for ensuring more efficient team communication — An extensible team collaboration server that enables all members of the extended IT team to effortlessly manage and track the progress and health of projects. Users that access Team Foundation Server require a client access license (CAL).

      • Enterprise-grade source code control and asset management
      • Integrated work item tracking and reporting to track and view project health
      • Integrated process methodology for more efficient and predictable software development

      And there it is: the estimated US-pricing.

      for the Team System:

      for the Pro versions:

      for the Standard version:

      Estimated Retail Price: $299 US
      Upgrade Price: $199 US

      for the Express versions:


      If you would like you can grab the german PDF Flyers here:

      flyer_VSTS.pdf (65,53 KB)

      MSDN_Transition.pdf (136,05 KB)

      All pricings without guarantee. It’s just estimated pricing.

      Source: Visual Studio 2005 Express and Standard
      Source: Visual Studio 2005 Pro Editions
      Source: Visual Studio 2005 Team System

      a new tripod for the nerds

      Today it’s one of these days that are like christmas. And “CHRISTMAS!” is exactly what ThamThon said when he saw the new Tripod that was delivered today.

      It’s a Manfrotto 028 which has a 501 head.

      One excerpt from the manual:

      “The pan bar “A” can be mounted to the either side of the head by unscrewing knob “D” and screwing it with the casting “E” on the hole “F””

      Juice Bag? Solar Power Bag!

      the technology-ninja of today needs power. It’s not that he got no powers. But this time the source of energy is meant which powers all the gadgets you are carrying around.

      They say that you even can charge your notebook with this thing… I doubt it, but my gadget-budget doesn’t include 199 bucks for just a bag…

      • Power 6.3 Watts
      • Voltage, 16.6 Volts*
      • Current, 0.325 Amps
      • Solar Panel Weight 0.45 lb.
      • Solar Panel Size 12 x 12 x 0.1 inches
      • *Blocking diode to protect your portable electronics

          Source: http://www.rewarestore.com/product/020010003.html

      …and you’re saying music is too expensive?

      There’s much great music out there. More than you’ll ever be able to listen to. But there are ways to find great music and stay rich.

      One way is garageband.com. It’s a platform for artists to publicize their music to a broad audience.

      This is the genre-overview of garageband. As you can see there’s a great variety of genres available. Just surf through the site and find great music you’re radio stations would never play… not because it’s not good enough. But because they just don’t know it.

      Source: http://www.garageband.com

      second discovery of today: Metisse

      Anyone here knows the series “Dead Like Me“?

      I really like that series and from time to time there’s a slow and really nice song played in the background… That song is called “Boom Boom Ba” and is what I would call a catchy tune. It’s like I know parts of the song since years. But all together its a really new song that once heard you cannot get out of your mind for days.

      But beside that one song Metisse is an all-round duo with so many facettes. If you want to be surprised by great music than Metisse is definitly worth a look.

      Source 1: http://www.deadlikeme.tv/index.php
      Source 2: http://www.metissemusic.com/

      first discovery of today: Goldfrapp – Black Cherry

      Today it’s the day of music discoveries. I just found two great new artists/bands.

      The first one is Goldfrapp. My colleague Hilmar sent me an eMail in which he strongly recommended Goldfrapp – especially because there is a new album coming up soon.

      I instantly surfed to my favourite music store and took a look onto Goldfrapps current album “Black Cherry”. And after listening to the first two tracks I bought the thing.

      I am looking forward to their upcoming album, even though I don’t like the new albums title song “Ooh La La”…it’s to soft and normal, ready for airplay…well maybe someone else will like it…

      My favourite tracks on “Black Cherry” are Train and Black Cherry… awesome tracks.

      Source: http://www.goldfrapp.co.uk/