TechEd Europe 2005: the RFID conspiracy

there’s a little sticker on the every TechEd 205 badge and they say it’s an experiment/demonstration for the keynote which is going to take place tomorrow. Infact the paper I’ve got with the badge said that there is indeed an RFID device embedded into the sticker. That device holds a random number (approx. the one printed on the sticker). The deal is that there seems to be a demonstration how the people are coming into the keynote hall…some kind of monitoring – probably a demonstration that modern RFID technology doesn’t surrender when 6000+ RFIDs are going to enter the same room.

of course I’ve taken a closer look:

Nothing really new or interesting. Anyone that knows something about those tags?

3 thoughts on “TechEd Europe 2005: the RFID conspiracy

  1. Everywhere will be small RFID readers, and during the keynote the will show how easy it is to code a small RFID enebled application using the Visual Studio. Well do you really thinkg it will be something different than in Orlando…

    Read MSND blogs:,

    Or use MSN Search:
    “UPDATE!!! – At the keynote this morning we found out what the RFID tags are for. Microsoft is using them to track where people are throughout the conference. They are 100% anonymous. Most people have either thrown them away, but at this mornings keynote they gave away 5 creative portal media players (if I am not mistaken). It was a RFID raffle. You became eligible when you talked in the door with your RFID tag.”

    And chekc out this, the same pic is already available on the net:

    lam0r ;-)

  2. am I supposed to know EVERY article about the Orlando-TechEd??! NO! ;)

  3. [bashing][/bash]

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