TechEd Europe 2005: Hands-on-Lab “Enhancing ASP.NET Applications for Multi-core platforms with Intel Technologies”

This day truely is an Intel day. So there’s another Instructor-led Hands-on-Lab today. With vTune we profiled and optimized a Sample Application that displays a Web Album. The techniques that are used are commonly known like Thread Pooling. But how you use them properly is another story. And that’s simply what this session is about: How to use the Intel tools for profiling and optimization of ASP.NET Web Applications.

(this was one goodie we got whilst the session)

“Ever thought that developing a dynamic web application with ASP.NET precludes any possibility to use hardware performance features? This session will demonstrate how the developer of ASP.NET web applications can easily take advantage of the latest hardware technologies: multi-processing, Hyper-Threading, powerful instructions sets (SSE2, SSE3), 64-bit instructions, etc. We will demonstrate how to use the powerful Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer to pinpoint the performance bottlenecks in an ASP.NET web application. This will allow us to focus on the optimizations that offer the greatest return. We will apply powerful multi-threading techniques to take full advantage of multi-processing, multi-core and Hyper-Threading. We will explore lesser known mechanisms of .NET framework which greatly simplify incorporating threads into ASP.NET web applications. We will illustrate all of these points with a practical ASP.NET application. It is recommend (but not required) to attend “Enhancing Managed .NET Applications with Intel Tools and Technologies” session before this lab.”