TechEd Europe 2005: Hands-on-Lab “OpenMP”

So the most interesting session so far was the Instructor-led Hands-on-Lab which was held by Aaron Coday from Intel.

Most new systems today feature Hyper-Threading or – increasingly – multi-core processors. Your software can readily take advantage of these – using multithreading. However, developing, debugging and optimizing multithreaded programs have always presented a formidable challenge for the developer. Fortunately, now there are tools that greatly simplify the task. Microsoft* Visual C++* 2005 implements OpenMP™ standard, which helps you easily incorporate threads in your software. Intel® Thread Checker, an add-on to Microsoft Developer Studio*, can automatically find most kinds of errors related to multithreading. Intel Thread Analyzer helps identify and solve common performance problems. In this session we will put Visual C++ and Intel threading tools to action to quickly multithread sample code, ensure program correctness, and achieve optimal performance. “

Very interesting this openMP. I think I have to take it for a ride with my existing applications…I bet there will be performance increases… And of course you’ll read about it here on this weblog.

UPDATE: We will test some things with openMP this evening in the hotel – as we have a login to a 4-way machine (2 CPUs+Hyperthreading). The Information we got from the tests and maybe the tests itself will be published here of course.