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There it is: the official Visual Studio 2005 Pricings and Edition Informations are available

Now there it is. An overview of what editions the upcoming Visual Studio 2005 will consist of. Because the Team System is the most interesting part I’ve included the most information about that:

Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite

Productive, integrated, and extensible software lifecycle management tools — A bundle of Visual Studio Team Architect Edition, Visual Studio Team Developer Edition, and Visual Studio Team Test Edition.

  • Integrated Web services modeling tools that will enable you to design for operations
  • Code quality and performance tools for building mission-critical applications
  • Load testing tools for helping meet the rigorous performance demands of enterprise-class applications
    Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Architects

    Integrated application design tools for service-oriented development — Visual designers that enable architects, operations managers, and developers to design service-oriented solutions that can be validated against their operational environments.

    • Web services application design tools for visualizing service-oriented architectures
    • Logical infrastructure design tools for visualizing network infrastructure
    • Deployment design tools that validate that applications will work in the prescribed network infrastructure
      Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Developers

      Code quality and performance tools — Advanced development tools that enable teams to build reliable, mission-critical services and applications.

      • Integrated unit test and code coverage tools for ensuring the quality of applications
      • Code profiling tools for ensuring the best possible performance of applications
      • Static code analyzers to diagnose critical security and performance errors before they creep into production
      Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Software Testers

      Integrated load testing tools for Web applications and services — Advanced load testing tools that enable teams to verify the performance of applications prior to deployment.

      • Web test authoring tools for quickly authoring load test scripts
      • Load testing tools for authoring and executing distributed load tests
      • Integrated tools for sharing load test results with other members of the team
      Visual Studio 2005 Team Test Load Agent

      Supplemental test load for use with Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Testers that enables organizations to simulate more users and more accurately test the performance of the Web applications and servers.

      • Purchase one license per processor used to generate load on a Web farm
      • Simulate approximately 1,000 users per processor
      Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server

      Team collaboration server for ensuring more efficient team communication — An extensible team collaboration server that enables all members of the extended IT team to effortlessly manage and track the progress and health of projects. Users that access Team Foundation Server require a client access license (CAL).

      • Enterprise-grade source code control and asset management
      • Integrated work item tracking and reporting to track and view project health
      • Integrated process methodology for more efficient and predictable software development

      And there it is: the estimated US-pricing.

      for the Team System:

      for the Pro versions:

      for the Standard version:

      Estimated Retail Price: $299 US
      Upgrade Price: $199 US

      for the Express versions:


      If you would like you can grab the german PDF Flyers here:

      flyer_VSTS.pdf (65,53 KB)

      MSDN_Transition.pdf (136,05 KB)

      All pricings without guarantee. It’s just estimated pricing.

      Source: Visual Studio 2005 Express and Standard
      Source: Visual Studio 2005 Pro Editions
      Source: Visual Studio 2005 Team System