teh keyboard for teh coders

Yesterday the sixth keyboard I possessed just died – it was a keyboard from cherry – one with all those buttons on it that nobody seems to use. I never did actually… but now it’s gone and the “new” one was already waiting:

this one was manufactured 14.10.1994 which makes it more than 11 years old…

YES! It’s one of those very very old IBM keyboards whose original design is from 1985. The one that has a very enjoyable “key-klick” not speaking of the comfortable typing experience…

So you may say: This keyboard is more than 11 years old – that’s quite old… yeah! But it’s new!!

How comes that? I got my hands on a quite old IBM Netserver which worked for over 10 years for a company here…and this keyboard was attached to the machine. It even had a dirt cover attached and was not used for all the time… So it’s almost new. After all a real pleasure to code with this gadget.

5 thoughts on “teh keyboard for teh coders

  1. Yea! get a REAL keyboard man!
    ELGono, writing on an 13 year old SGI keyboard (on all 3 comps, win/irix/linux)

  2. I always said that this is the keyboard of the gods. Too bad there’s no usb-adapter so I can use it with my mac :)

    Anyways, don’t use it after 10pm!

  3. I’m using mine on the Dell Laptop with a PS/2-to-USB adapter without any problems. Linux is no problem at all, “Windows” can be a bit picky from time to time, but mostly it works. I tried it on the Mac once, but as far as I remember, the keyboard wouldn’t survive a Suspend/Resume cycle. Might be a problem with the cheap adapter or even something with PS/2 on USB in general.

  4. Lexmark model M! Good find! I have an original IBM model M, Lexmark model M, and two Lexmark model M5-1, and one PCKeyboard/Unicomp Customizer 104 USB. The best of the best. (I also have two TactilePro, HHKB Pro, HHKB Lite2, Acer 6311-K. The HHKB have the backquote/tilde, backspace, and backslash keys in the wrong spot. The TactilePro reminds me of my old Apple M0115. The Acer 6311-K also good mojo.)

    If you have trouble with the el cheapo PS/2-USB converters, and finally get fed up with them, go here and get one of the converters that actually works:

    Enjoy, you lucky dog!

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