the perfect working environment part 2

It’s been some time since I made a picture of my workplace…and since that time one more display arrived… so here are two up-to-date pictures:

as usual from left to right: Mac mini (Samsung TFT 910T), custom P4 (Samsung TFT 910T+19″ Highscreen), HP compaq nc8000 (Belinea 108025, built-in 15″ TFT).

Source: The perfect working environment part 1

5 thoughts on “the perfect working environment part 2

  1. What a relief to see that I’m not the biggest waster of energy on the planet any longer. ;-)

  2. Martin: Wrong actually. The two TFTs are one of the most efficient ones that were available… and I am going to replace all displays with these… – Infact the complete setup when in full operation consumes about 1300 watts. Hence what it might be if I had… lets say an Itanium ;)

  3. part 3 wird dann bitte n 360 grad view, und wehe da is ne lücke zwischen den displays (…mmmh muss wohl noch ein plasma übers bett ;o))

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