hurray! iTunes 5 lost my podcast subscriptions…gnaarrr!!!

“Cool a new iTunes version!” I thought and downloaded it…but after the system restart and the first start-up of the new iTunes this came up:

“this iTunes library is damaged….”

And guess what: all my podcast subscriptions are gone. Damn! What the hell do you think you’re doing Apple?!

The “Update-Mania” on the Macs I am using is quite impressive: After a fresh Panther Installation you are forced to download more than 400 Megabyte of Updates…and at the moment around 200 Megabyte of Updates for a fresh installed Tiger…

Who is complaining about the 180 Megabytes of Windows XP!?!

2 thoughts on “hurray! iTunes 5 lost my podcast subscriptions…gnaarrr!!!

  1. Please consider that the updates you download for X.4 or X.3 not only include system components, but also additional software like PHP, Apache, maybe OpenLDAP. I think you should be rather happy with having your system keeping track of the versions of the less-important components so you don’t have to update them yourself. And now please, update PHP to 4.4.0 with Windows Update ;)

    No trolling, just clarification :)

  2. actually I don’t care what they are updating: I am not using Apache: So why are they updating it? Iam not using PHP so why are they updating it? The point is: nevertheless iam using the stuff they are updating it. And the point is that I was not talking about what Apple is updating anyway. I am talking about the size of the updates and the many reboots I had to do over the months… – 200-400 Megabyte updates is quite much…

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