BUBBLES! BUBBLES! – the hitcounter YOU want to have.

You have a website and you feel depressed because nobody comments your stupid articles? You want at least a little bit of appreciation? The thing that could brighten up you’re world is: Netbubbles.

This little gadget “monitors” your website: Everytime a user hits your page, everytime someone “buys” or does anything valuable on your website the Netbubble will fire some it’s special-effect-bubbles or even some light effects.

It’s a visual feedback for “the webmaster that cares” (sorry Falko, I had to take it).

dear Netbubbles Company: I WANT ONE! ;) I could test it… send me one!!!!1 (I don’t get enough appreciation (e.g. number of comments!))

Source: http://www.netbubbles.de

2 thoughts on “BUBBLES! BUBBLES! – the hitcounter YOU want to have.

  1. Bitte ein so ein Teil für mich und meinen podcast! Konfiguration bitte so: 1 Download = 1 Bläschen

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