OH MY GOD! the Easyraid X8P died?

Well… first there was a 1.3 TByte RAID5 volume that showed several defect sectors…and then it disappeared completely.

Now what? – We changed the internal cabling of the host system … nothing changed. The SCSI Interface Card does see an Easyraid X8P device but no volume shows up in the Disk Management.

Fortunatly I made a copy of all the data to our – now working – Promise VTrak m500i…

the Network Appliance FAS270 and DS14MK2 arrived…hurray

28x 146 GB hardrives (Seagate Cheetah ST3146807FC and Hitachi Ultrastar HUS103014FLF210)…I am waiting for my now.netapp.com login to be activated at the moment – so I could not do any tests. NetApp decided to not deliver any CD or manual inside the two packages…weird.

The hardware itself looks very very promising (got the joke?)… it’s all redundant and quite heavy. You can clearly see that it’s far more pricy than the cheap promise/easyraid hardware.

Eggs! Eggs!? Eggs?

on top the FS270 and below it the DS14MK2. All equiped with 10k UPM SCSI drives.

As soon as I got all my logins I will post several tests and information about the two devices. So be sure to check back often to technology-ninja.com

hadn’t the time (and money) to go to PDC05?…listen to (nearly) all tracks for free…

If you didn’t attend this this years PDC05 you can watch and listen to nearly all tracks from this professional developer conference for free:

Anybody want to make some comments about the myth that Microsoft does not talk about it’s technologies in-depth?

Update: Be aware of the fact that if you want to download ALL of the material(like I am doing at the moment) it’s about 24 gigabytes…

Source: http://microsoft.sitestream.com/PDC05/

VGA resolution is fun on a Windows Mobile device…

Since the JASJAR / MDA pro has a gorgeous 640×480 display there are some tools – originally designed for Windows Mobile 2003 SE to allow you to use the high dpi display with all it’s capabilities.

The normal case is that Windows Mobile scales everything up when it detects a higher resolution than 320×240 (QVGA). Since that means that all text on the screen looks really good but takes the same space like it would on a QVGA.

And there comes ozVGA. It’s a small tool that helps you to configure the systems dpi settings to better match the display. That does not necessarily lead to a better readable display but you’ll have much more space on the display since it’s used in it’s “unfiltered unoptimized raw dpi”-beauty.

before ozVGA

after ozVGA.

There are some bugs to this moment: the status bar at the top is not displayed correctly. Some of the applications cannot cope the high dpi (such as the calendar…) – But I hope that future updates of ozVGA will solve that.

Source: http://oz.sciox.org/


BtK is definitely not the only person playing with food before Halloween… and Maria did the painting for my very first real Halloween Pumpkin!

click to enlarge (60,36 KB)

And, what a surprise… it’s a pumpkin… how disgusting!

click to enlarge (73,22 KB)

But one day, a man has to do, what a man has to do. so I was brave.

click to enlarge (66,18 KB)

Finally, everybody was happy…

click to enlarge (75,65 KB)

click to enlarge (47,08 KB)

it’s JASJAR / MDA pro time… yeeeehaa!

After several weeks of waiting today the JASJAR / MDA pro arrived together with the T-Mobile UMTS contract + USIM.

As you can imagine the unpackaging was quite an event (I am not posting the pictures that show me retardedly smiling)

Everything in place….


Since ahzfs JASJAR also arrived today and the third one is on it’s way and expected to arrive on monady we now can just start over developing the applications for our research project.

Microsoft Research presents: Virtual WiFi

“VirtualWiFi is a virtualization architecture for wireless LAN (WLAN) cards. It abstracts a single WLAN card to appear as multiple virtual WLAN cards to the user. The user can then configure each virtual card to connect to a different wireless network. Therefore, VirtualWiFi allows a user to simultaneously connect his machine to multiple wireless networks using just one WLAN card. This new functionality introduced by VirtualWiFi enables many new applications, which were not possible earlier using a single WLAN card. For example,

  • With VirtualWiFi, you can connect to a guest’s machine or play games over an ad hoc network, while surfing the web via an infrastructure network.
  • You can use VirtualWiFi to connect your ad hoc network, which may contain many nodes, to the Internet using only one node.
  • VirtualWiFi can help make your home infrastructure network elastic by extending its access to nodes that are out of range of your home WiFi Access Point.”

  • Source: http://research.microsoft.com/netres/projects/virtualwifi/

    Wenn der Tiger erwacht

    Dass China ein uns unbekanntes Land ist, wissen wir. Die nachfolgenden Zitate stammen aus einer Rede von Chi Haotian, ehemaliger Verteidigungsminister des Landes und ganz sicher Hardliner. Ob das nun wirklich so gemeint war, oder ob es sich um einen Hoax handelt, soll jedem selbst überlassen sein.

    “Als die Menschen gefragt wurden: “Würden Sie das Feuer auf Frauen, Kinder und Kriegsgefangene eröffnen?”, bejahten 80 Prozent oder mehr, was unsere Erwartungen bei weitem übertraf.”

    “Unsere wahre Intention geht jedoch noch weiter. Das Ziel dieser vom Politbüro beschlossenen Umfrage ist es, herauszufinden: Wenn China weltweit expandiert, wird und die Bevölkerung unsere Feinde in Massen getötet werden, wäre unser Volk gewillt, dies zu akzeptieren oder nicht, würden sie uns unterstützen oder gegen uns sein?”

    “Wie jeder weiß, so ist es die Ansicht der westlichen Wissenschaft, dass die Menschheit der gesamten Erde aus einer identischen Quelle stammt – der afrikanischen Mutter – und es deswegen keine Überlegenheit gewisser Rassen gibt. Gemäß Untersuchungen der Mehrheit unserer chinesischen Wissenschaftler jedoch ist die chinesische Rasse anders als andere Rassen der Welt.”

    “Damals behauptete Hitlers Deutschland, das die germanische Rasse die Beste auf der Erde sei, und wir können sagen, dass unsere noch viel überlegener ist als ihre.”

    “Deutschlands Traum, der „Gott der Erde“ zu sein, schlug fehl, weil letztendlich die Geschichte ihnen diese großartige Mission nicht anvertraute. Aber an die drei Lektionen, die Deutschland aus dieser Erfahrung lernte, sollten wir uns erinnern, wenn wir unsere Mission vollenden und unsere Rasse neu beleben. Die drei Lektionen sind: Ergreife fest den Lebensraum des Landes, ergreife fest die Kontrolle der Partei über das Land und ergreife fest die generelle Ausrichtung, „König der Erde“ zu werden.“

    „Menschenrechte sind nur Lebensrechte“

    Quelle: www.china-intern.de/page/politik/1124277648.html

    Jens Heymann