RAID6 testing the Linux Enterprise iSCSI Target Software…

This time we got a Software RAID6 Volume with 6 drives which made a volume size of 1953584325 sectors = 953899 Megabyte. This Volume is exported with the iSCSI Enterprise Target Software for Linux.

Aparently it’s a bit faster than the Software RAID5 – which is quite interesting because we expected it to be much slower (more work for the CPU).

Interface-Transferrate with a blocksize of 128 sectors at 0.0 percent of the capacity:

sequential read rate medium (unthrottled): 63045 Kilobyte/s
sequential read rate Read-Ahead (Latency 1.15 ms): 66480 Kilobyte/s
repeatedly sequential read (“coretest”): 54418 Kilobyte/s

permanent transfer rate: (blocksize: 128 sectors):

  • Average: 51447.9 Kilobyte/s
  • Minimum: 49329.7 Kilobyte/s
  • Maximum: 71003.1 Kilobyte/s


  • Average: 11671.8 Kilobyte/s
  • Minimum: 10575.1 Kilobyte/s
  • Maximum: 12278.3 Kilobyte/s

access time read:

  • Average: 14.47 ms
  • Minimum: 0.21 ms
  • Maximum: 28.01 ms

access time write:

  • Average: 37.96 ms
  • Minimum: 9.89 ms
  • Maximum: 100.16 ms

access time read (<504 MByte):

  • Average: 6.21 ms
  • Minimum: 0.12 ms
  • Maximum: 19.65 ms

access time write (<504 MByte):

  • Average: 15.16 ms
  • Minimum: 0.38 ms
  • Maximum: 33.09 ms

we also don’t know what the peaks are…they just show up even after several tests…

One thought on “RAID6 testing the Linux Enterprise iSCSI Target Software…

  1. Hello,

    nice job! If you’d find some time to describe hardware you’ve used (esp. NICs, switches and tuning options set) it would help to quite a lot of people. It takes ages to configure network to optimize it for storage-over-IP traffic. Not sure about latest Linuxes but at least Windows does NOT have optimal settings to SoIP by default… My 0.02$ :)


    Anton Kolomyeytsev

    CEO, Rocket Division Software

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