oh…what’s that about my pre-ordered XBOX 360?

Amazon writes me an eMail…entitled “an important message regarding your Xbox order”…well that does definitly not sound good:

“Wie Sie vielleicht schon gehört haben, ist Microsoft derzeit nicht in der Lage, genügend Xbox 360 Konsolen zu produzieren. Daher können wir Ihnen leider nicht garantieren, dass Sie Ihre Xbox 360 vor Weihnachten 2005 erhalten. In Kürze erwarten wir von Microsoft weitere Informationen zur Verfügbarkeit der Konsolen.”

I ordered my 360 on August 18th…that’s almost 3 months ago…and now they are telling me that they probably-maybe can’t ship one for me… DOH! I’ll go berserk when I do not have my 360 on December the 2nd…in fact…I’ll try to get one at the next stores…and send the Amazon 360 back if they manage to find one for me…nuff said.

4 thoughts on “oh…what’s that about my pre-ordered XBOX 360?

  1. Nothing heard about the hype MS is trying to produce around the console? These low-on-stock messages is marketing in competition to other console makers (e.g. Sony’s PS3).
    But maybe you are lucky and you’ll get one of the way too few Xboxes that’ll be provided for the European market in the introductory months… :-)

    P.S.: Hm, I don’t find the according news entry anymore. Otherwise I would have quoted it.

  2. well it probably could be a marketing hype (well done!) – but as a matter of fact I want one right on launch day in europe.

    BTW: did you mention that Microsoft claims it’s a simultaneous worldwide launch – but what exactly is simultaneaus about launching on 22. november in north-america and 2nd december in europe?

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