listen up Tino Seeber! two new Mac mini and 19″ Samsung TFT displays…

Tino Seeber! Look what we bought with your 40 euro membership-fee! Two new 1.5 Ghz Mac minis with 1 GB RAM and 2 new SAMSUNG 940T TFT 19″ displays.

The only things that where not delivered in time are the wireless mice. (no, NO MIGHTY MOUSE!)

the famous “Mount mac-mini”

reorganising the desktop

ready steady go…

installing Microsoft Office for Mac 2004

For those who don’t know who Tino Seeber is or why I am adressing him in this article: Tino Seeber is a guy who thinks that the only purpose of FeM is to give him cheap broadband access to the internet – that’s why he only wants to pay for his internet uplink which is ridiculous since FeM is a research organisation and not an ISP.