while(true) {}

Ever wondered about the 90 percent CPU utilisation when it’s just supposed to wait for something?

Maybe it’s the case that you find something similar like that in your code:

Well that was the part of the code that produced 90 percent CPU utilisation, doing just nothing in a little testing server I am working with at the moment…

Just by inserting a Thread.sleep(sleepTime); the utilisation drops to zero.

4500mAh battery for the HTC Himalaya / MDA2

Mhhh… I NEED to get one of those. But $140 is quite a bit if you can get a 1200mAh battery for less than $20.

“With normal usage it was 70.5 hours real time duration before I reached the 10% minimum level at which I needed to put it back on charge, that’s a predicted total of over 75 hours duration and a Pocket Plus measured usage of almost 19 hours – Wow!”

Source: http://www.mtekk.com.au/browse/page1128