22c3: definitiv answers – when will the recordings be available? – and a thank you

So here we are: a new year and just two days after the 22c3. As we can tell everything was recorded as planned and everything went just great.

I want to tell everybody who helped to make this happen: Thank you very much. It was a pleasure and great fun to work with you guys. The results that we all together achieved speak for themselves: nearly 1 Tbyte of downloaded live-stream bytes. Nearly 400 listeners on our streams at peak times.

In fact there is a lot to do afterwards: We have to cut the MPEG2 files (5 Mbit) of each lecture to set start and end-times correctly. We have to tag them and make them available (1 to 5 gigabyte each) for you as soon as possible – which means when the last hard drive arrives from berlin here in Ilmenau.

When all MPEG2 files are complete we complete our MPEG4 encodings – which means: we are already encoding everything we have in MPEG4 1.2 Mbit.

This is our main focus at the moment. It should be possible to make everything of the above mentioned available within January. After all this is done (or maybe in the meantime, we don’t know at the moment) the remaining WMV on-demand streams will become available as we have to reencode. So check back here to get more information and updates about this topic.

I often was asked why the WMV on-demand streams were only available for the first day: the answer is easy – we tested if it’s feasible to cut them nearly live – and we came to the conclusion that it raises the stress bar for our team to high to handle it the complete 4 days of the conference. So we changed our plans to ensure that you have a mostly flawless live-streaming experience.

At the end: Here is the list of the people I want to thank for their support and help at 22c3 (without any order actually):

laforge and his team, maedness, mucki, namenlos, manu, cosrahn, Agtmulda, yray, cutcat, ecki, ahzf, ambanus, somi, all the video and audio angels that made the great audio and video possible, Ambion for the great support, the POC who helped were our cable guys and supported us even with coffee, the NOC which made IPv6 happen finally and made the best conference network ever possible…. and a whole lot more people I forgot.

6 thoughts on “22c3: definitiv answers – when will the recordings be available? – and a thank you

  1. Thank you guys for your incredible work! I’m looking forward for the recordings as i did not have time to watch as much of them as i wanted live. I hope you found some time to regenerate and party over New Years eve.

    Happy new year to all of you!

  2. Ich lese hier und da bzg. der Aufnahmen immer ‘fast fertig’ ‘bald’ usw. Das erinnert an die beühmten 90%.
    Oben steht was von Ende Januar, jetzt sind zwei Monate vergangen und: immer noch nichts. Ihr – als Profis (die bisherigen Aufnahmen zeigen das ihr was könnt) – solltet eigtl. wissen, dass das keine Arbeit von drei Stunden ist. Daher nervt dieses ‘fast’, ‘bald’, ‘demnächst’ … !!! Setzt Euch einen REALISTISCHEN Termin, veröffentlicht den und versucht verdammt nochmal diesen einzuhalten. So jedenfalls wirds langsam peinlich.

    Über Formate möchte ich keinen Senf abgeben, dazu ist alles gesagt.

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