distributed video encoding solution

More than a year ago Matthias Eller and Karsten Donat created a distributed video encoding solution that actually works.

As far as I know they were in desperate need for computing power to encode all the documentaries that Karsten recorded every day (he recorded almost everything that was broadcasted on german free-tv).

So the idea came up to split a single raw-video into a number of parts and let many machines encode these parts automatically. Then these encoded parts are copied back to the server and put together to the now finally complete encoded video.

We’re not using this at the moment for any encoding – but I thought it might be a great idea to write about it ;)

this is the tool to setup a new encoding task that is
submitted to the distributed encoding server

You can get this great tool-set at Matthias’ Website: http://www.static-void-main.de

Source: Matthias Website

One thought on “distributed video encoding solution

  1. Hi, ich komme zwar mindestens 4 Jahre zu spät, aber da es bis dato
    nach wie vor keine praktikabele/einfache/funktionierende Lösung
    zum verteilten Videoencoding unter Windows gibt: wo bekomm ich
    das Tool her? Die Website existiert leider nicht mehr.

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