how to encode a large number of movie files in a batch process…

Hurray! There I found it. A tool that makes it possible to create large batch encoding sessions just with some clicks. You need:

  1. VirtualDub (any current version will probably work) – by the way; I recommend VirtualDubMod

There you go:

  • open one movie file of the bunch you want to encode in VirtualDub

  • set the encoders for audio+video up like you want

  • save the “Processing Settings” to a .vcf file

  • you can close the video file in VirtualDub now

  • start VirtualDub Batcher and:

    • choose the .vcf you previously saved

    • choose the output folder

    • add the movie files you want to encode with the “Add Files” button

    • when everything looks like you want it: “Make Job List” is the button to press

  • open the “Job Control…” in VirtualDub now (F4 on your keyboard) and open the Job List file which is located in the VirtualDub Batchers’ folder.

  • press start and have a cup of tea.

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One thought on “how to encode a large number of movie files in a batch process…

  1. Wäre schön, wenn MS mal mit ihrer “Lösung” Windows Media Encoder zu Potte kommen würden. Das DIng ist instabil, benutzerunfreundlich und verdaaaamt langsam. Zudem muss man sich erst 3 Tage in die Hilfe einlesen um ordentliche Resultate zu erhalten.
    Weiß da jemand schon mehr? Windows Media Encoder 9.1 oder 10?

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