3 thoughts on “XBox 3000 TV – Episode January 2006

  1. 1. english subtitles?
    2. you didnt exactly explain what the video is about, a random surfer such as myself needs a quick explanation about what i click.
    3. i love your blog, tech is so cool, especially the entry about microsoft hiring the band ‘press the green button’ to make four songs. i checked the MS site and they say they do have four songs but only two were available for download, so i got the other two from your blog. i love those sons, so thank you much! i now have my windows media center dancers on the screen, now im going to go play with party mode!

  2. hmm, actually you’re right, it should be in english or at least with english subtitles…

    Xbox3000 TV is a tv show made by fans and spread entirely via the internet.

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