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So I called the XBOX support today – and: OMG! What a disappointing experience!

After I gave the support-chick the serial number and my mobile phone number for the fourth time (of course her computer was not responding…or something) everything was set up and she said:

Support: “Within the next two days you’ll receive a box where you put in your 360 console and the hard drive that came with it in your premium pack”

Me: “No. I won’t send you the hard drive. All the games I bought through Xbox Live and my save games are on this hard drive. If I sent it to you I’ll most likely will never see them again.”

Support: “Because you bought the premium version you have to send in the hard drive as well – it could be the hard drive that causes the error.”

Me: “No it could not. The error is the same even when the hard drive is not attached to the 360.”

Support: “It’s Microsoft policy that you send in the hard drive as well.”

Me: “So you’re telling me that I am going to loose all my save games because of Microsoft policy?”

Support: “Well you could copy your save games onto a memory card.”

Me: “Can I? You remember why I am calling? MY 360 IS NOT WORKING!”

Support: “Well you probably know someone who has a working one – you could copy it with his 360.”

Me: “I don’t know anyone who has gotten a 360 because they are sold out everywhere you ask for one…The next 360 I know of is in Munich – which is 320 km from where I am now.”

Support: “You could buy another 360 to copy the hard drive there…”

Me: “You’re kidding, are you? I am not going to send in my hard drive… I don’t care if it’s policy or not – if there is such a “oh your 360 is not working – and you’re thinking you’re save games are save?…bad mistake!”-policy…I am not going to send in my hard drive. What if I just buy another hard drive and send that in?”

Support: *thinking* That won’t work. You’ll have to send that hard drive in that came with your 360. Well you could just “forget” to send it in… *secretly* but I did not tell you that…

Me: The point is that I want a definitive and real solution – and no “haha you loose”-solution. Let me please talk to your team lead to help the situation.

Support: wait…

Team-Lead: Well you will have to send the hard drive in. That’s Microsoft policy – we didn’t make it…

There’s a lot I expected… but not that. What in all that’s holy is that supposed to be? If that’s the official policy… maybe I should just wait for a PS3…

So within the next two days I am going to send in the 360 without the hard drive – Stay tuned for more tales of interest…

5 thoughts on “policies…360 support…

  1. netter Service – kann ja wohl nicht sein wenn man die Festplatte schon abmachen kann dann will ich das auch nutzen können. Bei der alten Box ist ja klar dsa man sie nicht ausbauen kann. Nur bei der 360 ist die Festplatte ja schon extern.

    Naja vielleicht bekommste ja ne neue Platte dazu *G*

    Greetz aus Berlin


  2. Und wieso jetzt das ganze mit dem Teamleader? Letztendlich machst du doch die “haha you loose” solution.
    Und wenn man sich auf halbfertige Produkte einläßt darf man keinen vollwertigen Support erwarten.

  3. Ich schicke die Festplatte nicht mit. Habe auch schon Microsoft intern ein paar Schritte eingeleitet dass sich diese Policy baldigst ändert.

  4. na wenigstens passiert das nem ms mitarbeiter – der kann da vielleicht noch eher was bewegen…

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