22c3 Update: What happened and when will the recordings be available?

So here we are. The January passed by and still no recordings. What happened?

picture by namenlos

Straight after the congress we started working on the recordings – but soon we realised that almost all of the recordings we made live with ffmpeg and his friends were corrupted: The audio and video is just not in sync.

Well it would be easy if it was just shifted for a given amount of time – but the amount of shifting time is changing all through the recordings.

So we engaged DEFCON 4 and got back on our backup solution that is there, just in case something would go wrong. (who would have thought that?!).

So what’s DEFCON 4? We came to the congress with 400 brand new DV tapes. And that’s simply what our backup solution is: everything that was recorded during the 22c3 is on DV tape. And it’s in sync there.

So we are extracting nearly all of the recordings from those DV tapes…

And as you can imagine: this takes some time. It takes less time than we’d expected – we are making serious progress. Together with the CCC it was decided that an intro and outro should be added to each recording – that also takes some time. If you are experienced in creating scripted/batched DV material with definable text… we obviously need your help :-)

So when will the recordings be available? We hope very very soon. Like I said we are making good progress in getting the stuff off the tapes, but it’s very difficult to give a time frame. Check back here or on the official 22c3 FeM Homepage for updates – … well if we can get the intro/outro issue working fast it’ll probably be only days away.

If you have any comment, feel free to comment here.

what is all the fuss about? There are free Visual Studio versions and compilers…

I want to give a short overview of the development tools made my Microsoft that are actually available for free:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 Toolkit

    • C/C++ Optimizing Compiler and Linker
    • C Runtime Library and the C++ Standard Library, including STL
    • Microsoft .NET Framework Common Language Runtime
    • this is the complete C/C++ Compiler and Library packaged for those developers who care more about the command line than about a proper IDE. In fact this is essentially all you need to develop and build C/C++ projects – even commercial ones.
    • EULA
    • download

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions

    • comes in several flavours:

      • Visual Web Developer 2005 Express

        • Visual Web Developer 2005 Express is a stand-alone, lightweight, easy-to-use Web-focused tool for building ASP.NET 2.0 applications. It includes everything you need to begin building Web applications, including fully functional Starter Kit applications and a built-in development/test Web server.
        • download

      • Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition

      • Visual C# 2005 Express Edition

      • Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition

        • updated version of the Compiler/Linker and Libraries

        • download

      • Visual J# 2005 Express Edition

    • free for 1 year (until November 2006)
    • they are all fully usable for commercial projects – no license restrictions
    • about 35-70 Mbytes per Edition
    • MSDN Express Library is available (will probably increase the download to 400 Mbytes
    • a free SQL Server 2005 Express Edition is available for those who want to develop database applications
    • of course not all features of the commercial Pro/Team/… Suites are in the Express Editions but the IDE is quite complete and very powerful

So you can see – there are some ways to develop software with an IDE/Toolset that costs nothing more than the download bandwidth. So don’t complain that this evil empire called Microsoft is only forcing everybody to spend money on the development tools. Because it’s not. nuff said.