22c3 Update: What happened and when will the recordings be available?

So here we are. The January passed by and still no recordings. What happened?

picture by namenlos

Straight after the congress we started working on the recordings – but soon we realised that almost all of the recordings we made live with ffmpeg and his friends were corrupted: The audio and video is just not in sync.

Well it would be easy if it was just shifted for a given amount of time – but the amount of shifting time is changing all through the recordings.

So we engaged DEFCON 4 and got back on our backup solution that is there, just in case something would go wrong. (who would have thought that?!).

So what’s DEFCON 4? We came to the congress with 400 brand new DV tapes. And that’s simply what our backup solution is: everything that was recorded during the 22c3 is on DV tape. And it’s in sync there.

So we are extracting nearly all of the recordings from those DV tapes…

And as you can imagine: this takes some time. It takes less time than we’d expected – we are making serious progress. Together with the CCC it was decided that an intro and outro should be added to each recording – that also takes some time. If you are experienced in creating scripted/batched DV material with definable text… we obviously need your help :-)

So when will the recordings be available? We hope very very soon. Like I said we are making good progress in getting the stuff off the tapes, but it’s very difficult to give a time frame. Check back here or on the official 22c3 FeM Homepage for updates – … well if we can get the intro/outro issue working fast it’ll probably be only days away.

If you have any comment, feel free to comment here.

10 thoughts on “22c3 Update: What happened and when will the recordings be available?

  1. Das müsste doch mit avisynth und den entsprechenden Filtern (overlay, mask… je nachdem, was ihr machen wollt) nahezu automatisieren lassen. Dann in ne’ VirtualDub Batch Liste und los geht’s…

  2. Hallo,
    danke für die Infos!
    Kann es sein, dass bei den letzten Recordings(21c3) ebenfalls diese Asynced-Audio-Video Probleme auftraten? :) deja vu. Thats life.
    hab ihr nicht vorher unter den livebedingungen mal einen test gefahren? hmm.. sollte man machen.
    keep on working!

  3. well thats just what happened at 21C3, but we didn’t have DV recordings.
    But I thought that Harald fixed the problems in ffmpeg?!…

  4. Woohoo! Go, go go! :)
    I’m desperately waiting for some of the videos!
    Oh, by the way: don’t finish them until two weeks from now or I’ll definitely miss the deadline for a paper I’m writing… *sigh*

  5. namenlos: i think there is no risk that would happend ;)

    and i would suggest to put this peace of information tho the 22c3 webseite of fem tooo…

    maybe also in a readme at the ftp – so people know thats going on…

    and as far as i know – there where some testing with ffmpeg recording and klapping a hand from time to time, which was perfectly in sync, just the test wasn’t good enough obviously :/ since the ‘workload’ on the video-side wasn’t high enough to trigger the failure condition when ffmpeg drops frames and tells nobody about it… as far as i understood thats the reason for the desyncing of video and audio (droped frames, while recording)

  6. i am still awaiting the second talking (after the lecture) of andreas walde on 17C3. is it alive and somehow possible to get that?

  7. Wie steht es um die Aufnahmen?

    Das sich der Termin mit Ende Januar nicht halten liess ist in Ordnung. Nun ist jedoch bereits Ende März und es gibt keine Info’s zum Status.

    update please.

  8. So langsam wirds aber unverschämt. Ich kann ja noch auf die Videos warten, aber dass trotz der vielen anfragen von keiner Seite ein Wort über den Stand der Dinge gesagt wird finde ich echt beschissen.

  9. Bitte mal um update des Sachstandes!
    Wie weit ist denn die Konvertiererei vorangeschritten?

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