Windows Live Messenger (Beta) – Now Playing Info even from iTunes.

Despite the fact that the settings dialog only speaks of the Windows Media Player it appears that the current beta version of Windows Live Messenger even listens to what iTunes is playing currently.

Actually I am told that even the 7.5 version (the current beta is version 8_beta) had this feature… great!


3 thoughts on “Windows Live Messenger (Beta) – Now Playing Info even from iTunes.

  1. imo it’s not because live messenger supports itunes – it’s itunes 6 that uses the messenger apis (which existed previously but where only used by windows media player)

  2. Can someone tell me how to use this feature with iTunes? I can get it to work with Windows media player but not with iTunes for some reason. I have iTunes version 6, and Windows live messenger 8.0

  3. yeah!!! it works!!! i was hating that the previous versions only worked with windows music player but this one works just fine with my beloved and mighty powerfull iTunes which is great cause is my fave iPod player :D

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