blast from the 11 year old past… Sony will use MPEG-2 on BlueRay?

That’s exactly what I was frightened off. If it’s true – what are those morons thinking?! (are they?)

Anyways – they have to fill at least 9 Gbytes of space. And in times of MPEG4/AVC/WMVHD when 720p movies with full 5.1 sound are only around 4-5 Gbytes… you have to find a way to fuck the customer.

So – expect great MPEG2 HDTV movies with 3-4 times the size of their current-generation encoded equivalents… and all that just to fill the space… What’s the point in having the space and the technology when we’re not going to use it?

Source: the news

uhh, so the Intel Yonah comes with 64-bit?!… that’s news!

We all know that some of the newer Pentium 4 processors have the EMT64 extensions – which are just the licensed AMD64 commandsets poorly emulated by the Intel processor.

Now the news came up that the current “Intel Core Duo” Chip – whose codename is “Yonah” also has such a EMT64 extensions. That would make it quite interesting to see how some of the 64 bit operating systems perform on the chip…I doubt it would be faster than the 32 bit – but at least more features means more fun for the geek.

Source: Intel Yonah hidden features exposed

I want this particular iPod please…

There are many iPods. Many different generations. There’s even a video playing iPod. But some guy made a flash mockup of something he wants to have as the next videp playing iPod. And oh my god I am with him! I would instantly consider robbing a bank for this one:


You Played Mario Brothers 1 2 3 On The NES You Loved It You Even Played It On Your PC In An Emulator Then Theres Prob

You played Mario Brothers 1, 2, 3 on the NES? You loved it? You even played it on your PC in an emulator? Then there’s probably something new for you: A brand shiny new version of the Mario Brothers. It’s not officially from Nintendo but made by some guy who calls himself “DAHRKDAIZ”.

For the download you get nothing more than completely new worlds and levels, modified graphics, new gameplay features, new power ups,… and many many more.

It’s “just” a hack – but it’s a great one. Almost a complete re-new-make…

Source 1: Mario Adventure Article @ VintageComputing

Source 2: NES emulators

VMware Browser Appliance Virtual Machine

Since there is the free VMware Player that allows you to run virtual machines for free on Windows and Linux there is now a ready-to-go Browser Appliance Virtual Machine based on Ubuntu Linux and Firefox:

“The Browser Appliance is a free virtual machine that allows users to securely browse the Internet using Mozilla Firefox.”

The most interesting thing about that is not the pre-installed Linux or Firefox – it’s the idea of making pre-installed available and usable for free. What if we just had something like that for Virtual PC and Windows… what would the impact of that be: giving thousands and thousands of software developers the opportunity to show and demo their products in the wild…

Source: VMware Browser Applicance Virtual Machine

finally found: a GUI frontend for for my Mac

I am using for years now – and all the time I looked for a frontend to the website. It’s not as if the website is not usable – it’s just the point: a website takes so much more screen space than a dedicated tool does.

So there’s now iTranslate: A free tool by equinux that is exactly what I was searching for – a small and handy frontend for leo. Great!


Amplifico: great music – support the band

I am usually into scottish bands – and in this time once again it’s a band from Scotland that pleases my ears…It’s name: Amplifico.

There are a some songs downloadable on their site and you can listen to more of their songs on the Podsafe Music Network – but you definitely want to buy their CDs and support them directly.

Source 1:
Source 2: Amplifico on the PMN