I want one of those Q-WUXGA

Since my girlfriend has a brand new 1440×1050 notebook display it’s hard to ignore that 19″a 1280×1024 are not the highest possible dpi to have… and as a matter of fact I really want to have some more DPIs on my 19″ TFTs…

Take a look at this schematic:

As you can see, SXGA is quite Low-End these days :-) But we have to wait before the manufactures get serious with their 200 DPI displays…

Source: http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=29655

2 thoughts on “I want one of those Q-WUXGA

  1. *schnüff* I’ve got only W-UXGA on my laptop..

    /me is now dreaming of Q-WUXGA the whole night :)

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