Smart Remote Control – Nachtrag

Konvergenz der Medien und insbesondere Konvergenz der Fernbedienungen sind an sich tolle Sachen – solange man nicht den Überblick verliert.

Da wundere ich mich, wieso die Fernbedienung zu meinem DVD-Player Marke Thompson DTH212 nur auf ein paar Tasten reagiert, den Großteil meiner Eingaben jedoch ignoriert. Ein Blick ins Handbuch verriet die Lösung: Die Fernbedienung war nicht auf den DVD-Player “parametrisiert”, sondern auf den Fernseher.

Hm, immerhin gab es ein Handbuch zum Nachschlagen…

Jens Heymann

gadget-o-mania: bluetooth + windows mobile 5 device = smart remote control

Everybody knows me as the gadget-loving guy who cannot resist any chance to play with technology. And this night was once again time to play.

I was in bed complaining about the fact that I have to get up to change the track iTunes is playing at the moment. I thought: It should be possible to remote control iTunes and everything else on any machine in the room.

I instantly got up and looked for something that might do what I wanted… And what I found outdid my expectations by far: Salling Clicker is the name of the tool.

What’s the point of the tool? It’s simply a server and a client. The server runs on any Windows or Macintosh machine and accepts connections via TCP/IP or bluetooth. I am using bluetooth at the moment… The client runs on almost any phone, in my case a Windows Mobile 5 phone.

The installation is painless – on the Mac it comes as a Preference Pane:

This represents the menu you have on your client…on my phone in this case…

You even can configure phone events…for example: What happens when the phone rings?

The user interface is very similar to an iPod. You simply control it with the D-Pad of the phone. Clicking the D-Pad is selecting…

To give you an idea what it looks like to play a song…look:

Yes there is cover art…and track rating…

And … you can search… and find…

This is the first tool for about two years that flashed big way. I instantly registered my copy (the 30 click-limitation is quite annoying) and got a serial number within minutes. As I am exploring the tool I even found extensions for the remote control to acces my eMail…my ICQ…oh well and remote controlling Powerpoint presentations is one base feature…

The tool is, like I said, available for Windows and Macintosh – so take a look it’s really worth the try.