Online Collaboration

Still in the testing phase the instructables step-by-step how-tos are quite a good concept for online collaboration….

Instructables is a venue for showing what you make and how others can make it.

Making things is part of being human. Whether you make bikes, kites, food, clothing, protocols for biology research, or hack consumer electronics, good instructions are critical.

Instructables is a step-by-step collaboration system that helps you record and share your projects with a mixture of images, text, ingredient lists, CAD files, and more. We hope to make documentation simple and fast. Show your colleagues how to operate a machine, show your friends how to build a kayak, show the world how to make cool stuff.


PGR100… or: How to blow a marketing campaign…

Marketing campaigns are a great idea if you want to advertise a product. And if you’re going to do such a campaign you MUST do it right…otherwise you’re proper fucked.

As a proud XBOX 360 owner and racing simulation fan I tried to take part in such a marketing campaign. The campaign is called “PGR100” and is divided into 4 stages. I missed the first one and wanted to take part at the second stage BUT…there was no time/date scheduled when it’s going to take place… and I really don’t have the time to check twice daily if something new is up online – that anyways should not be necessary as I am subscribed to the newsletter…..BUT… well… Stage 2 took place on the 3rd of March…today it’s the 4th… and..guess what eMail I just got?… Yeah, you’re right!

CRAP! You bastards…oh wait…Stage 2 was “Are you the best PGR3 online commentator?”…which is just the lames thing possible to think of when it comes to racing simulations…

But as if the date faux-pas wasn’t enough they managed to get 4 typos into the small text from above…the intern did that right?

But back to the great campaign…that’s what the current campaign homepage looks like:

Let’s zoom in on the prices you can actually win:

Especially the last prices are… well… What’s the point in winning a XBOX 360 + the game Project Gotham Racing 3 when you actually have to own such a XBOX 360 and the game Project Gotham Racing 3? What would you do with another 360+Game? And who the fuck is DEFARI?