Oh well that’s not really news. Some say that Google utilizes the “big harddrive” that’s inside our planet earth… and some say that even gravity does not apply for google employees….

In fact… that’s all bullshit. Please Google. Be careful with words like “unlimited” … more text over here

Source 1: http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=1113
Source 2: http://www.geekculture.com/joyoftech/joyarchives/669.html

iTunes Agent: great try…now get more sophisticated

I thought many times of such an application. A tool that would allow me to use almost every MP3 player available on the market to sync with iTunes…

This solution does work – there are no worries. But it’s not the perfect solution of the problem. The perfect solution would be an application that runs on the MP3 player (Windows Mobile, eh?) and allows the MP3 player to pretend it is actually an iPod. Than no software on the Mac/PC is necessary to sync…

Anyone got the iTunes/iPod sync protocol documentation ready?

“iTunes Agent is a small application resting in your system tray constantly looking for new MP3 players and other music capable dev”ices connecting to your system. When a device it recognizes is connected to the system, it will create a playlist for the device in iTunes and it will synchronize that list with tracks on your device.

You may then modify this list, add and remove tracks, before you tell the iTunes Agent to synchronize the list with your player”

Source: http://ita.sourceforge.net/

Fractals are beautiful

Fractals are beautiful…especially when they are formed naturally…these fractals did form naturally. They are bacterial cultures in petri dishes… very impressive

Billions and billions of bacterial landscape architects pruning — no less in environments poisoned with antibiotics — other bacterial landscape architects, dead or alive, to form dazzling arabesque parterres. The self-organizing embroidery of organisms in constant Darwinian mode.

Source: Gardens in a Petri