made in express contest

After I wrote about the Visual Studio Express Editions and there is now a contest available… go and create something! :-)

“This contest is all about cool stuff you can do with Express. We’ve brainstormed a few ideas of our own…

“I would build a screen-scraping API, then use it to create a custom application with Visual Basic Express to show the last time my friends update their MSN Spaces or MySpace account.”

“I would build an application with Visual Web Developer Express and SQL Server Express to track my club events (soccer matches, bike rides, swim meets) on a map, and allow my club’s members to subscribe to event updates and get a map of where the event will happen.”

“I would build an application with Visual C# Express that can read my RSS feeds out loud to me in the morning while I’m having coffee.”

“I would install a PC in my car and write an application with Visual C# Express to play my music library, give me directions, and remind me of appointments.””