the 360 PAL-50 bug…

You cannot believe how pissed I am because of this annoying bug. I first encountered it when I wanted to play the “The Outfit” demo. When I started the demo I got this:

Well – easy, eh? No. Because my box was never used with a standard TV set the standard setting of PAL-50 for a german XBOX 360 is untouched ever since. I am only using the HDTV output of the box since I don’t have a standard TV set handy at the moment.

The tricky part is that the demo just checks if the option is set to PAL-60 or PAL-50 and return with an error in case of PAL-50. It does not check if I actually use standard definition or high definition output… So just changing the PAL-50 option to PAL-60 would work around this check – BUT – the configuration dialog checks if I am using standard or high definition – which means it does not display the PAL-50/60 option – which means that I have to attach my 360 to a TV set and set the option… which is not possible because there is no TV set …

To make a long story short: I am not able to work around a bug that keeps me from playing now two games… the “The Outfit” demo and “Feeding frenzy” which showed up yesterday on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Please fix this bug!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I got around this by just setting the video cable to TV output (there’s a little switch on the part you connect to the 360). I didn’t need to connect the box to a TV, worked fine on my HDTV beamer – I could switch the video output to PAL-60.

  2. Same problem here. Just bought The outfit but i cant play because of that error. Have a Hitachi 55″ plasma.

    can someone who know a workaround please answer this? :)

  3. Dont know if this helps. Just brought “Top Spin 2” and got same problem – I’m using HD cable (dont know what type, just the normal one that is XBOX360 branded.

    Anyway, to get round it I plugged original TV cable (that came with XBox360 when I brought it) and back came the PAL-50/60 setting. Changed it to PAL-60, then plugged HD cable back in… Job Done.

    Hope this helps someone…


  4. dont have a tv with me, only a pc monitor. now i cant change to pal 60. ridiculous

  5. guys, same problem as above, lcd panel only.
    could you give us a description of how the display settings are structured in the dashboard when you have a TV connected?
    then i could connect my HDTV cable (set to TV), press the right button sequence on the controler, change the setting to PAL60, reconnect VGA, etc.
    can’t find this anywhere else, help!

  6. Its so easy folks :

    1. connect your 360 to your tv via the scart or composite input.
    2. Start your 360, and go to the display options, you can now switch to pal 60.
    3. Now you have done that, reconnect your 360 to the TV via your component cables.
    4. Start your machine up and play your game in all its glory :)

  7. Hmm.
    Yes it is SO EASY.
    However, not everyone has a TV… I don’t have a TV because TV is opium for the masses.

    I would like to echo Bitelz request for the display settings structure so we can change the PAL setting *blind*


  8. The following has been copy and pasted from
    I have a hitachi 55″, there is no need to change the component cable. Just flick the switch on the component cable, change the settings in the menu, switch of console and swith back to hdtv. refer to following. it worked for me and much easier than changing cables.

    For High definition TVs

    To set your Xbox 360 console to PAL 60 Hz, follow these steps:

    Turn off the Xbox 360 console.
    Find the HDTV switch on the AV Connector, and then set the switch to TV.
    Turn on the Xbox 360 console.
    In the Xbox Dashboard, select System, and then press the A button.
    Select Console Settings, and then press the A button.
    Select Display, and then press the A button.
    Select PAL settings, and then press the A button.
    Select PAL-60, and then press the A button.
    When you are prompted to keep these new settings, confirm the settings, and then press the A button.
    Turn off the Xbox 360 console.
    Set the HDTV switch on the AV Connector to HDTV.

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