Gigabyte I-Ram: How fast can you boot?

Everyone knows about those solid-state disks. And everyone knows that there are not-so-solid disks that utilise normal RAM for data storage.

“The i-RAM’s greatest asset is easily its simplicity. Just populate the card with memory, plug it into an available PCI slot, attach a Serial ATA cable to your motherboard, and you’ve got yourself a solid-state hard drive. There’s no need for drivers, extra software, or even Windows—the i-RAM is detected by a motherboard BIOS as a standard hard drive, so it should work with any operating system. In fact, because the i-RAM behaves like a standard hard drive, you can even combine multiple i-RAMs together in RAID arrays.”

So here’s a Windows XP running and even more impressive booting on one of that gadgets… Oh man I want one of those!

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