Oh well that’s not really news. Some say that Google utilizes the “big harddrive” that’s inside our planet earth… and some say that even gravity does not apply for google employees….

In fact… that’s all bullshit. Please Google. Be careful with words like “unlimited” … more text over here

Source 1: http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=1113
Source 2: http://www.geekculture.com/joyoftech/joyarchives/669.html

iTunes Agent: great try…now get more sophisticated

I thought many times of such an application. A tool that would allow me to use almost every MP3 player available on the market to sync with iTunes…

This solution does work – there are no worries. But it’s not the perfect solution of the problem. The perfect solution would be an application that runs on the MP3 player (Windows Mobile, eh?) and allows the MP3 player to pretend it is actually an iPod. Than no software on the Mac/PC is necessary to sync…

Anyone got the iTunes/iPod sync protocol documentation ready?

“iTunes Agent is a small application resting in your system tray constantly looking for new MP3 players and other music capable dev”ices connecting to your system. When a device it recognizes is connected to the system, it will create a playlist for the device in iTunes and it will synchronize that list with tracks on your device.

You may then modify this list, add and remove tracks, before you tell the iTunes Agent to synchronize the list with your player”

Source: http://ita.sourceforge.net/

Fractals are beautiful

Fractals are beautiful…especially when they are formed naturally…these fractals did form naturally. They are bacterial cultures in petri dishes… very impressive

Billions and billions of bacterial landscape architects pruning — no less in environments poisoned with antibiotics — other bacterial landscape architects, dead or alive, to form dazzling arabesque parterres. The self-organizing embroidery of organisms in constant Darwinian mode.

Source: Gardens in a Petri

Online Collaboration

Still in the testing phase the instructables step-by-step how-tos are quite a good concept for online collaboration….

Instructables is a venue for showing what you make and how others can make it.

Making things is part of being human. Whether you make bikes, kites, food, clothing, protocols for biology research, or hack consumer electronics, good instructions are critical.

Instructables is a step-by-step collaboration system that helps you record and share your projects with a mixture of images, text, ingredient lists, CAD files, and more. We hope to make documentation simple and fast. Show your colleagues how to operate a machine, show your friends how to build a kayak, show the world how to make cool stuff.

Source: http://www.instructables.com

PGR100… or: How to blow a marketing campaign…

Marketing campaigns are a great idea if you want to advertise a product. And if you’re going to do such a campaign you MUST do it right…otherwise you’re proper fucked.

As a proud XBOX 360 owner and racing simulation fan I tried to take part in such a marketing campaign. The campaign is called “PGR100” and is divided into 4 stages. I missed the first one and wanted to take part at the second stage BUT…there was no time/date scheduled when it’s going to take place… and I really don’t have the time to check twice daily if something new is up online – that anyways should not be necessary as I am subscribed to the newsletter…..BUT… well… Stage 2 took place on the 3rd of March…today it’s the 4th… and..guess what eMail I just got?… Yeah, you’re right!

CRAP! You bastards…oh wait…Stage 2 was “Are you the best PGR3 online commentator?”…which is just the lames thing possible to think of when it comes to racing simulations…

But as if the date faux-pas wasn’t enough they managed to get 4 typos into the small text from above…the intern did that right?

But back to the great campaign…that’s what the current campaign homepage looks like:

Let’s zoom in on the prices you can actually win:

Especially the last prices are… well… What’s the point in winning a XBOX 360 + the game Project Gotham Racing 3 when you actually have to own such a XBOX 360 and the game Project Gotham Racing 3? What would you do with another 360+Game? And who the fuck is DEFARI?

Smart Remote Control – Nachtrag

Konvergenz der Medien und insbesondere Konvergenz der Fernbedienungen sind an sich tolle Sachen – solange man nicht den Überblick verliert.

Da wundere ich mich, wieso die Fernbedienung zu meinem DVD-Player Marke Thompson DTH212 nur auf ein paar Tasten reagiert, den Großteil meiner Eingaben jedoch ignoriert. Ein Blick ins Handbuch verriet die Lösung: Die Fernbedienung war nicht auf den DVD-Player “parametrisiert”, sondern auf den Fernseher.

Hm, immerhin gab es ein Handbuch zum Nachschlagen…

Jens Heymann

gadget-o-mania: bluetooth + windows mobile 5 device = smart remote control

Everybody knows me as the gadget-loving guy who cannot resist any chance to play with technology. And this night was once again time to play.

I was in bed complaining about the fact that I have to get up to change the track iTunes is playing at the moment. I thought: It should be possible to remote control iTunes and everything else on any machine in the room.

I instantly got up and looked for something that might do what I wanted… And what I found outdid my expectations by far: Salling Clicker is the name of the tool.

What’s the point of the tool? It’s simply a server and a client. The server runs on any Windows or Macintosh machine and accepts connections via TCP/IP or bluetooth. I am using bluetooth at the moment… The client runs on almost any phone, in my case a Windows Mobile 5 phone.

The installation is painless – on the Mac it comes as a Preference Pane:

This represents the menu you have on your client…on my phone in this case…

You even can configure phone events…for example: What happens when the phone rings?

The user interface is very similar to an iPod. You simply control it with the D-Pad of the phone. Clicking the D-Pad is selecting…

To give you an idea what it looks like to play a song…look:

Yes there is cover art…and track rating…

And … you can search… and find…

This is the first tool for about two years that flashed big way. I instantly registered my copy (the 30 click-limitation is quite annoying) and got a serial number within minutes. As I am exploring the tool I even found extensions for the remote control to acces my eMail…my ICQ…oh well and remote controlling Powerpoint presentations is one base feature…

The tool is, like I said, available for Windows and Macintosh – so take a look it’s really worth the try.

Source: http://www.salling.com/Clicker/mac/

a new Vista build is available…

I normally do not write about those kind of news. But I find it quite remarkable that just after a couple of days a new build is made available to the testing public…

At the moment it is not available at the MSDN subscriber downloads…

“At the moment it is only availabe to Connect Tech Beta testers, and is about the same size as the original 5308 release.
However, 5308.60 is an “unstaged” build, which refers to the type of setup system used to get the build installed.
5270, for example, was an unstaged build, while 5308.17 (the one released last week) was a staged build. The difference in install time was incredible, but not all of it is due to the staging. In fact, we can gaurantee that it will take far less time to install 5308.60 than it took for 5270 to install, and only slightly more time than 5308.17; where “slightly” ranges anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.”

Source: http://neosmart.net/blog/archives/107

How-To mount a network share at login / startup on OSX

When I first worked with a Mac I had many problems finding things and doing things that worked just out of the box on a Windows machine. One thing that was very annoying was that the Mac apparently is not able to mount a network volume at startup. On Windows you are just doing something like this:

But that’s not possible on the Mac. So I had to find another way. The easiest way is to write a script that is executed at startup. And so I did.

Go to your applications folder where you probably find the “Applescript” folder in which you’ll find the “Script Editor“. Start it and you’re ready to write the script which looks like this:

    mount volume "smb://bietiekay@femflawlessfs/1"
end try

Whereas “smb://” is the protocol and “bietiekay” is the username followed by the servername “femflawlessfs” and the share name “1“.

When you did that you can check if it works just by clicking on the “Execute” button in the icon bar of the script editor. Normally you’ll be asked for a username+password. If so enter your username and password and add it to the key chain by activating the checkbox in the username+password dialog. You have to do that to allow the script to mount the share without asking you for the username+password again the next time it runs.

When you checked that everything is working you do a “File->Save as“. Give it a name and most important select “Application” instead of “Script” in the file format select box. I recommend to deselect the “startup dialog” checkbox so you would not get bothered by another dialog at startup…

Now you have a script and the executable application.

Go to the “Apple menu->System Configuration->Users” dialog where you can configure the applications that run at startup/login. Click on the “+” symbol under the startup list and select the application you just made with the script editor.

That’s all. You’re set-up to test this… start your machine and see if it works.