22c3 recordings – release this week?

So here are some news about the 22c3 recordings:

According to the last information I got, 130 of 146 recordings are ready to go. I don’t know why the team decided to release them all at once only but unfortunately you’ll have to be patient.

The release is planned for THIS WEEK. So stay tuned and check back for more information.

Source: http://22c3.fem.tu-ilmenau.de

4 thoughts on “22c3 recordings – release this week?

  1. yeah you know ;) I am not in the team which finalizes the recordings… so… don’t blame it on me .

  2. Not really a nice joke. Don’t fool people to often. I still do not understand why the sources were not released or maybe the broken recordings or at least the mp3s.

    Recordings is no Michelangelo work and if you tranform it into art you misunderstood the purpose. Next time we will record the streams as we know you are not reliable.

  3. I am not in the team, so don’t blame me, send your critics to 22c3@fem.tu-ilmenau.de not to me.

    I am not fooling anyone – I am just reporting what the team that actually does the recordings tells me.

    And… who is “we” ?

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