Why DRM sucks

Actually, I do not have any problem paying for music. Sometimes I just want to listen to a piece of music, I checkout e.g. Musicload. I copied the music files, made a backup of the licenses and reinstalled my machine. So I decided to listen to a particular song:

Because I have freshly installed my box these days, I needed to restore my licenses but I do encounter this message while trying to restoring them:

Let’s see what “Web Help” says:

This is not helpfully at all. OK, let’s check the radio button to tell this to the people over there. An additional text box appears, asking for my experience; I was spending a lot of money on music, 2 o’clock a.m., I want to listen to my music, I am so somewhat angry… But I do not give up so easily. So I tried to restore another backup. Of course I did backup by licenses on a regular basis. And all I get is this:

Also this message does not satisfy me a lot. So I decide to try it a third time:

The very interesting thing: Depending on which backup I try to restore, I get always the very same message but I do never get my licenses back. Let’s go back where I bought the music, downloading the license again, because it looks like this is my very last chance:

But the song is not available anymore… they do only keep it for six months.. That sucks. Only the last three songs are left. And of course they write I should make backups of my licenses… Remark to myself: Do not purchase any music anymore.


Actually the DRM policy allows you to restore your licences on four different systems. Lucky day, because I just backed up my licences on another system and tried to restore them. This was th so-called plan. But DRM does not give up so easily and fires this message:

At least some of my licences which I bought and payed for, I own , i.e. they belong to me and I do have the right to hear the song whenever I want (at least I thought so), do work again. But some others still suck…