Promise and QLogic event tomorrow

I am about to attend an event by Promise Germany and QLogic. The two partners are going to present their current products and focus on the technical side of storage area networks and current solutions (VTrak… remember? We have several of them…)

I just got the car from the rental so expect some pictures of the journey and the event tomorrow.


SVN Service

SVNService [1] by Magnus Norddahl works great if you want to run subversion [2] as a Win32 service. Just installing the service with svnservice.exe -install -d -r c:\repository. It seems to be confusing that the service is not started and set to manual, but the svn server is running, even after a reboot.


PS3 and all the fuss about it

Despite focusing on the lies we were told about the PS3 in the last year and months here are the hard facts with the source of the information for backup:

  • You won’t get HDMI and Wireless LAN with the “cheap” EURO 499,- version which means you even won’t get BlueRay-HDTV movies with this SKU.

  • 32,5 cm x 9.8 cm x 27,4 cm and 5 kg is HUGE compared to:

    • The Xbоx 360 weights 3.5 kg and is 30,9 cm x 8,3 cm x 25,8 cm
      or even

    • The Xbоx weight 4 kg and is 32,0 cm x 10,1 cm x 26,0 cm

  • you won’t get a controller with rumble/vibration… because of the innovative motion sensors…

  • you get GigaBit ethernet… for what purpose?

stay tuned for more tales of interest…

Source 1: PS3 press release
Source 2: PS3 controller press release