one more step to photorealism

I came across a short movie which demos a new animation and graphic engine for all next-gen consoles and PC.

Yes, this actually IS a computer generated character:

The engine yet has some obvious problems with the mouth and teeth animation…but it’s just astonishing what’s possible these days. They even claim it’s in real time. Oh and the first appearence of this technology will be in an adventure game… great news, eh?


One thought on “one more step to photorealism

  1. They seem to have a problem with the lips. There a not enough bones in it. If you see the pictures you go “uhhhhh” and “ahhhh”, but when you see the video it’s different. But ok, I admit it, the video itself and seen as a whole is pretty stunning. I’wait till Xbox3 to see those graphics in launch-titles :-)

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